Former NBA First Round Draft Pick Tries His Hand At Kickboxing

Darko Milicic Kickboxing
AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

Sports can be cruel, one second you are the top and the next it is all gone.

In 2003 the sky was the limit for Serbian basketball player Darko Milicic. The 18 year old was the second overall pick in the NBA draft, he was selected by the Detroit Pistons. Milicic stood seven feet tall and was expected to play a key role at center for the Pistons, but that never happened. Milicic bounced around the league to different teams for ten years, never living up to his potential. He retired from the NBA in 2013, and it 2014 it was revealed that he would be pursuing a career in Kickboxing.

Now athleticism is athleticism, but jumping from Basketball to Kickboxing is quite the leap. Milicic made his Kickboxing debut in December of 2014 in Serbia. He faced fellow Serbian Radovan Radojcic at Soul Night of Champions and unfortunately for Milicic his Kickboxing career got off to a rocky start like his Basketball career.

Milicic didn’t look very good technique wise. It definitely helped him that he was significantly larger and longer than his opponent, anyone who was his size and could fight likely would have cleaned his clock. Despite the size advantage for Milicic, the man couldn’t catch a break. A cut suffered on his shin forced the bout to be stopped in the second round.

Despite the loss Milicic went on to claim in his post fight interview that he was invincible. Clearly he returned to Kickboxing and avenged his loss and had a successful career, right?

Milicic did no such thing, it was reported in 2016 by Fox Sports that Milicic had given up on Kickboxing and was living on a farm in his home country. Kudos to him for at least attempting a run at Kickboxing, most people don’t have the guts to step in the ring and he did.

You can watch Milicic’s Kickboxing debut below. Let us know what you thought. Did he look promising to you?


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