“Floyd Mayweather Begging For The Fight With Khabib”

Floyd Mayweather was the talk of the Boxing world after his TKO of Tenshin Nasukawa at Rizin’s New Year’s Eve event in Japan.

Mayweather was criticized by many for fighting the smaller Tenshin. Manny Pacquiao dug into him on Twitter for fighting smaller opponents or less experienced opponents. Not only referring to the Tenshin bout but the fight with Conor McGregor that took place in 2017. Despite the bout with Tenshin being an exhibition, people treated it as a real fight.

The man laughing all the way to the bank, however, is Mayweather. He reportedly maid 9 million dollars for two minutes of Boxing. Like him or not you can’t deny Mayweather is a smart businessman. He knows how to sniff out the money, most recently in his Pay-Per-View fight with McGregor. He reportedly made over 300 million dollars for the fight with McGregor.

It seems that Mayweather is done making money. According to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager Ali Abdelaziz, Mayweather wants a fight with UFC lightweight champion. The talks about this fight got hot near the end of 2018 when a video of Khabib calling out Mayweather surfaced.

Maywather is begging.

“He’s very much begging for the fight. I told him, I said he’s 57 years old, his body’s weak, he’s fragile, he’s got a small head,” said Abdelaziz. “People think I’m crazy but I think Khabib would beat his ass. He thinks Khabib is easy money but Khabib is much younger, much stronger, more tougher than Conor, a guy that went to the eleventh round with him. And Conor gave up, he’s a quitter. Khabib is no quitter.”

As you can see in the interview with TMZ, Abdelaziz is confident that Khabib can beat Floyd. He also doubles down that Mayweather wants the fight by threatening to release their conversation if Mayweather denies it. As of now, Mayweather has not denied it so it could be true.

Abdelaziz also made sure to take a shot a Khabib’s nemesis, Conor McGregor. Calling McGregor a quitter, clearly not only a reference to his TKO loss to Mayweather, but also to tapping to Khabib. The pair fought in a highly anticipated fight at UFC 229 and Khabib submitted McGregor in the fourth round of their fight with a rear naked choke.

Floyd Mayweather reportedly made over 300 million for his fight with McGregor. Image Source: Bloody Elbow.

Floyd knows what a Money fight is.

Mayweather has made it very clear that any fight he is involved in he will be the A-side. That he is the main draw and because of that he will pick the rules. This basically shuts down any possibility of a fight taking place anywhere outside a Boxing ring. It doesn’t seem like Khabib isn’t trying to get anything other than a Boxing match when he originally called out Mayweather.

“Listen, Floyd Mayweather is not a fighter, he’s an athlete,” said Abdelaziz. “[In] the UFC, you have to be a full blown fighter. If we catch Floyd Mayweather on the streets, we’ll beat his ass because he can’t defend himself. He’s an athlete. He doesn’t have enough balls to fight in a real fight. Khabib will fight you in an elevator, phone booth, [he’ll] fight you anywhere.

Those are some heavy words from Khabib’s manager. Khabib would be making his professional Boxing debut as McGregor did against Mayweather. Experience will clearly be on Mayweather’s side as he boasts an undefeated record of 50-0. There are also still plenty of obstacles in the way, such as the UFC signing off on this fight. Khabib is under contract with the promotion, but so was McGregor when he fought Mayweather and the UFC allowed it.

Another issue at hand is we don’t know what Khabib’s punishment will be for the UFC 229 post-fight brawl that he started. Until that is settled with the Nevada Athletic Commission we won’t be seeing Khabib take any fights.


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