“Flattened By The Hardest Single Punch I’ve Ever Seen a Man Take”


In a sport filled with crushing knockouts, this is possibly the most brutal of all-time…

Julian Jackson, widely regarded as one of the hardest punchers in boxing history, had a stellar career in the ring. Between 1981-1998, Jackson fought 61 times, winning 55 bouts and scoring 49 career knockouts.

Holding the WBA super welterweight title from 1987 to 1990, and the WBC middleweight title twice between 1990 and 1995, Jackson truly saw the peak of the sport. This didn’t come without pitfalls, though.

Jackson fought Gerald McClellan in what would be one of just six losses in the Virgin Islander’s career. McClellan also had dynamite in his fists and handed Jackson a harrowing knockout loss in 1994.

Just four years earlier, Jackson scored a perhaps more crushing loss to Herol Graham, another bright prospect who was 43-2 when they fought for the vacant WBC middleweight title.

As described by Harry Mullan in a wicked article, Jackson was pretty much done before he landed that iconic right hook:

The Hardest Single Punch I’ve Ever Seen a Man Take

Few of us can pinpoint the precise second when the dreams died and disillusion replaced hope. Herol “Bomber” Graham can: after one minute and 13 seconds of the fourth round of the World Boxing Council middleweight title fight against Julian Jackson in Benalmadena, Spain, six years ago today.

He had put on the performance of a lifetime and, with Jackson half- blind and reeling, was moments from victory when he was flattened by the hardest single punch I have ever seen a man take. Graham never got over it: he subsequently lost his British title to Frank Grant, the only domestic fighter to beat him in 49 contests, and retired.

Here’s the video of the knockout that saw Jackson crowned WBC champ:

Jackson later spoke with BoxingInsider about the knockout against Graham:

Graham was a very tricky and awkward fighter. He had good legs and I was moving up in his weight class. My power was really the measuring stick that evened things out. He was
a bigger fighter than I was and my power I think just made up for him being a true middleweight. He was beating me to the punch.

The referee Joe Cortez came to my corner and told me that if I didn’t do something in this round he was going to stop the fight. Just hearing that I knew I had to do something fast.
Herol Graham fell right into my trap and I was able to set him up. I just caught him and that was the end of it.


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