Fighters Risk Everything For Our Entertainment

Fighters Risk Everything For Our Entertainment

It doesn’t matter what combat sport is your preference, there is one thing that remains the same in all of them.

The risk a fighter takes when stepping in the ring or the cage is something that a lot of people take for granted. It doesn’t matter if it is Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, each and every time that someone fights there is the possibility of permanent and even deadly damage.

A lot of fans take that for granted, they forget that a fighter is risking their life for our entertainment. It doesn’t matter if it is a world champion or a fighter making their debut, their health and career are being put on the line every single time.

It has happened on several occasions where the results of a fight have ruined a fighters life. Permanent injury to death have all reared there ugly head on more than one occasion.

It is easy as fans to criticize a fighter for a bad performance, heckle them, or insult them simply because we don’t like them. If these guys deserve anything, it is our respect. They put it all on the line for our entertainment. I know they are not forced to and it is a choice, but combat sports fans love to watch two men or women slug it out.

Sometimes things don’t end well, as was the case for Prichard Colon, a 24 year old former Boxing prospect who’s career came to an abrupt end.

(Click next to watch the tragic story of Prichard Colon)



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