Fighter’s Eye Falls Out After Head Kick

Just when you think you have seen it all in the fight game you watch this. A fighter gets kicked in the head and his eye falls out.

Luckily it isn’t his real eye, it was his glass eye. Alan Grays was fighting Jose Johnson an amateur MMA bout in Michigan back in 2014. Johnson landed a head kick on Grays that sent him to the canvas. At the same time, the kick dislodged Grays glass eye and it went flying. The referee jumped in to stop the bout and nearly stepped on the eye. When Grays gets back up to his feet you can see he has his right eye closed.

Immediately after watching this video several questions jumped to mind. Why was he allowed to fight? That has to be the first question that runs through everyone’s mind after watching that video. Isn’t it the sporting commissions job to look out for the fighters well being in the ring? Fights get stopped all the time because a fighter has their eye swollen shut. Why let this man step in the ring when you only had one eye he can see through? Apparently, the reason it was allowed to happen was that the fight took place at an unsanctioned MMA event.

You have to give credit to Grays, the guy has guts. Most people would use having a prosthetic eye as a reason not to fight. Was it the smartest decision, probably not. At least you can’t blame the head kick that landed on him only having one eye. It landed on the opposite side of his missing eye. The guy is without a doubt tough but he was definitely putting himself at risk fighting with one eye.

It is hard to track Grays’ career after this fight as this is his claim to fame. It is not known if he continued to compete or decided to hang up the gloves afterward. It is very hard to imagine any athletic commission granting him a license to compete. If he did continue his career he would have to likely do it at unsanctioned events.

Looking on the positive side at least the referee didn’t step on his fake eye. That would have been adding insult to injury. First, you get knocked down, then you lose the fight and your eye falls out. I am willing to bet you never see a fighter lose his eye in the middle of a fight again. Heck, I am willing to bet that you never see a fighter with a prosthetic eye fight again.

Once again my hat goes off to Grays for having the guts to step in the cage. Check out the crazy sequence below and if anyone has links to other fights of his I would love to check them out.


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