MMA Fighter Sings His Own Entrance Song, Gets Knocked Out In 20 Seconds

Heo Jae-Hyuk is an MMA powerhouse who currently fights under Road FC. Image Source: YouTube.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, for example, people wearing speedos for fights. That’s when the next best thing happens. At Road 50 the other night we witnessed something truly beautiful yet saddening at the same time.

Heo Jae-Hyuk should be a name heard far and wide after last nights performance, and not his fight. So everyone knows that fighters come out to a certain song. It may be a song they hold close lyrically, it might be to pump them up. Or they might simply just like the song. We think Heo Jae-Hyuk just likes Imagine Dragons.

Besides the point, instead of having the music playing like every other fighter, he came out and put on a show. Of him singing it himself. But as amazing as this is what made this better but worse at the same time was the outcome of the fight.

That’s All She Wrote

If you haven’t watched the video linked above, go and do it. You will not be disappointed. He definitely ‘believed’ he could win.

However, it is after the round started where all of our hearts sank and we can safely say win or lose this guy always won. He was knocked out 20 seconds into the fight.

Ouch is the only way to describe that. For him and for us. Not much is known about the singing fighter but there is one thing and that is he has a whole load of guts to go out like that.

See the full Road 50 results below. (Courtesy of MMA Core)

Yu Ri Shim defeated Seo Hee Lim Decision (Unanimous)25:00

Gun Oh Shim knocked out Jae Hyuk Heo KO (Punches)10:23

Dong Hwan Lim submitted Jeong Gyo Park Submission (Guillotine Choke)12:48

Yuki Ito finished Tae Kyun Kim TKO (Punches)14:58

Park Chan Soo defeated Yong Geun Kim Decision (Unanimous)25:00

Seong Jae Kim finished Hwang Chang Hwan TKO (Punches)12:41

Gi Won Ko knocked out Young Han KimKO (Punch)20:22

Oo-Jae Kim defeated Won Hee Jung Decision (Split)25:00


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