WATCH: Fighter Knocks Out Opponent And Referee At The Same Time

The crazy moment a Thai Boxer knocked out the referee and his opponent at the same time. Absolute chaos…

Madness in Thailand this evening as a Thai boxer took out his opponent at the referee at once. This has to be the first time in fighting history this has happened…

Muay Thai is renowned for being one of the most physical and dangerous sports on the planet. The art of eight limbs is truly an extreme one, and it often ends up with someone lying on the canvas.

It’s not often, though, we see a referee taking a hard kick to the face when the fight ends. In Thailand today we saw just that. Max Muay Thai put on their Champions show this evening and it was completely bonkers.

We have definitely seen referees get hit in boxing, MMA and Muay Thai in the past, but this time the losing fighter was also knocked out.

Double KO Video Below

As the fighter in blue shorts landed some hard punches, his rival became wobbly. Sensing the finish coming, the soon-to-be viral Thai boxer lined up a brutal head kick. As Thai referees are known for, the official leapt in to save the losing fighter.

Unfortunately, the referee took that brutal kick full bore in the face. Just as this happened, the fighter in red also slumped to the canvas, leaving the fans and commentators in absolute disbelief.

Watch the video below:


That truly was a crazy scene, one that will likely go down in history as one of the craziest in the sport’s history. So you wanna be a Muay Thai referee? The most dangerous pure striking sport just claimed another victim, an unwilling one at that.

Props to the guy for having a chin though, he stayed awake at least. Let’s hope he didn’t suffer too much injury there.


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