Female Referee Gets Punched In The Face During Kickboxing Fight

Female Referee Gets Punched

You can search YouTube and find several videos of referee’s getting punched in the face, mostly in Boxing.

Sometimes they get knocked down, on occasion they shake it off as if nothing happened. All of those referees are men, this is the first time I see a video of a female referee getting punched in the face.

Have you ever heard the song Anything You Can Do? It is famous for the line “Anything you can do I can do better; I can do anything better than you.”

Well this referee takes getting punched like a champ and doesn’t skip a beat. The fighter in the white trunks throws a looping right hook that connects to the side of her face. You can see in the replay that she didn’t see the punch coming and is caught completely off guard.

Despite getting hit she keeps it together and stops the bout and says something to the Kickboxer that punched her and then resumes the action.

(Click next to watch the video of the female referee being punched)


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