Fans Are Worried For Floyd Mayweather After Tenshin Hints At Breaking ‘Boxing Only’ Rules

On New Year’s Eve, Floyd Mayweather will face perhaps his biggest challenge yet in Tenshin Nasukawa. Image Source: MMA Junkie.

So there have been conspiracies here and there on whether Tenshin will stick to the rules in his scheduled ‘exhibition’ match with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. He holds an obvious, significant advantage in kickboxing or MMA against Floyd as he is strictly a Boxer.

Well, it was only earlier when Tenshin announced his desire to bend the rules of the fight and maybe throw a few kicks in there. Whether he pulls through with this or not is a different story.

As unfair as it would be if Tenshin was to suddenly switch rules it would also see Floyd out of his comfort zone, something we have never seen. Even if he was to do this and give Floyd his first loss it won’t be on his professional record, so what’s the point? It would stick in everyone’s mind that he lost, that’s why.

Mayweather’s last fight was against PPV and MMA king Conor McGregor which brought Mayweather more than a hundred million dollars for his payday. Image Source: SB Nation.

“I Feel Like Kicking Him”

Obviously, Floyd has received some hate for not taking the fight as a kickboxing or an MMA fight because we know he can box. McGregor took the risk and moved over to Boxing, why can’t Floyd do the same?

Tenshin was speaking at his open workout and had this to say about a possible rule shift mid-fight. Quote courtesy of MMA Mania.

“He says such provocative stuff I feel like kicking him,”

If this isn’t enough proof then Chael Sonnen even pointed out the possibility of RIZIN not holding up their end of the deal. Regardless, Floyd seems adamant that the fight is for pure entertainment purposes and that only. Tenshin seems to have a completely different mindset heading into it.

“If he thinks even if he has a legally written contract that it’s going to be an exhibition, meaning at the end of three rounds or at the end of nine minutes they both smile and hug and walk away, he’s wrong,” Sonnen said.

“I don’t know if Floyd knows MMA well enough to know that he’s in a fight. And the only thing that makes it real is if you’re keeping score.” Quotes from

As the young, undefeated, confident fighter that he is, Tenshin is convinced he will KO Mayweather. His explosiveness and speed over a very short 9-minute fight should prove quite the challenge for Mayweather.

Will Mayweather finally be stopped by the young prospect? Or will the Boxing veteran remain undefeated?


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