Fans Are Worried About Tony Bellew After His Post Fight Interview

Tony Bellew and Olexandr Usyk faced off on Saturday night. Usyk retained all of his belts to remain the Cruiserweight king. Image Source: The Independent.

The dust has settled from Saturday nights main event. Bellew has retired and Usyk is now considering a move to heavyweight to face off with the titans of boxing. Anyone watching the fight would’ve felt bad for the Englishman and how brutally he was dropped, and this is exactly why fans are worried for him.

We all love Tony Bellew, overcoming the adversity and taking out David Haye, twice. Also for how humble he is as a guy in general. Completely accepting of his loss to Usyk and also very honest when it came to David Haye. Admitting he felt he was going to lose and he wasn’t mentally prepared for the fight. Besides all of that Bellew seemed rather dazed in his post-fight interview which makes you wonder how much damage he actually took in the fight…

After a good start to the fight, Bellew started to crumble and eventually found himself staring up at the lights from the canvas.

Bellew Retires

After 8 rounds in the ring with the P4P great, Olexandr Usyk. Bellew hung up his gloves and called it a career at 30 wins, 3 losses and a draw. An outstanding record for an outstanding Boxer.

Following his KO loss, Bellew was interviewed and well, all you have to do is watch it, hear how drunk he sounds.

He says he doesn’t know what he was hit with or when the fight was stopped. We also see him ask what round it was stopped more than once and repeat himself when talking about Usyk multiple times. We watched him hit the canvas and lose control of his entire body, he looked asleep in there. Concussion?

He sounded as if he had stumbled out of a pub right into the ring. Only it happened to be with the Undisputed Cruiserweight champ.

Bellew said he now wants to just ‘disappear’ with his family and that is his only goal following his final fight. Hats off to the lad and a thank you for a brilliant career too. On the other hand, will we see Usyk take on Heavyweights like Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder? Hearn said AJ vs. Usyk would be a ‘monster fight’.


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