Fans Are Concerned For Floyd Mayweather After Seeing Tenshin’s Open Workout

Floyd Mayweather is arguably one of the best defensive boxers alive. He will be facing undefeated prospect Tenshin Nasukawa. Image Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal.

More news on the bizarre fight between Mayweather and Nasukawa arose today. MMA junkie published Tenshin’s open workout on their YouTube channel, there are two things that are concerning Mayweather fans. One it’s in Mayweather’s own Gym. Two he looks absolutely terrifying.

Open workouts are a regular part of any combat sport, the fighters will come and execute a light intensity workout. Floyd’s done it and so have nearly every fighter. Tenshin was a big name in his home country until he was announced to be fighting Mayweather, his follower count shot up and suddenly the world knows about him.

However, the world knows his name and not what he is capable of. Now after watching his workout I’d be seriously hoping Floyd is taking this as serious as Tenshin is.

Tenshin is an undefeated, 20-year-old kickboxer/MMA fighter. Image Source: New York Post.

Pure Speed (VIDEO BELOW)

A big factor in Tenshin’s game is his speed. He can move extremely quickly and he also throws very quick. Now originally the fight between Mayweather and Tenshin was scheduled to be an exhibition fight, meaning a literal exhibition of their skills.

Now we have learned the bout has full Boxing rules. Meaning the possibility for a KO.

Here is the video of Tenshin’s open workout.

Look at how quickly he can move, worried for Mayweather yet? Fans are thinking maybe Floyd has bitten off more than he can chew this time. However, fans thought that with McGregor and Floyd systematically broke down McGregor.

He is a smart boxer and has overcome adversity in the past but Tenshin represents a new generation of fighters, one that Floyd thinks he can handle.

The fight is 3 X 3-minute rounds meaning it is 9 minutes in total. Cardio has never been a weak point of Floyd’s either. This is drastically shorter than a regular Boxing match so Floyd has less time to feel out Tenshin and vice versa. Tenshin seems to want the KO though, so expect him to come out strong.


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