Ex Pro Boxer Knocks Out Tourist On The Street

For a lot of professional fighters, life after fighting can be tough. Some put everything they have into a sport like Boxing, MMA, or Kickboxing, but when it is over making a living is difficult.

In South Korea, there is a man who makes his money by allowing tourists to try and punch him. The man is a former South Korean Boxer, but nowadays he makes his living on the streets. The average person can’t touch him because his skill set is still on point. He can easily avoid the average person’s strikes, it seems like easy money for him.

There is always one person that thinks they are better than the rest. In this video, the ex Boxer is approached by a tourist who actually wants him to fight back. The tourist is well built, so he might have a little training and thinks he can handle himself. The ex Boxer tells him that if he wants an actual fight he must put on headgear but the tourist didn’t want to. To make it as fair as possible the Boxer tells him he will only fight with one hand. Even with one hand, the man is deadly.

He makes it look easy.

As you can see in the video the tourist is trying very hard to hit the ex Boxer. He doesn’t seem bothered by the tourist at all and it just seems to be is playing with him. It resembles a lion playing with its prey. When he got tired of it he put him down with ease. That left punch was fast and when he tapped his chin it clearly distracted the tourist because he thought he had a clean shot.

Some people complained that he should not have fought the tourist and that it wasn’t fair because he was wearing headgear. First off he offered the tourist a chance to wear headgear and he turned it down. That is the reason he said he would only fight with one hand. Secondly, he was only using one hand. That tourist is lucky he didn’t use both hands, because even with headgear he would have been in trouble. Headgear doesn’t stop someone from getting knocked out.

He had no clue what hit him.

This is also a case of someone being overconfident. The tourist took what was supposed to be funny and tried to make into something serious and that clearly didn’t work out in his favor. Maybe next time he will just let everyone have a good time. There is always one in the crowd that thinks he is too cool for school.

Do you think the Boxer should have knocked him out or simply toyed with him?


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