Ethan Rich Quiachon Talks Upcoming Triumphant 1 Fight With Gabe David

Ethan Quiachon

Ethan Rich Quiachon will take on Gabe David at Triumphant 1.

The promotions debut event will be taking place September 29 at the Graton Resort & Casino in Rohnert Park, CA.

Quiachon will be looking to walk away the winner in a bout that pits two Bay Area fighters against one another. The El Niño Training Center fighter was kind enough to give us an interview regarding his upcoming fight, enjoy.

MTA: You have a fight against Gabe David on September 29th at Triumphant 1. How has training been going for the fight?

Ethan: Training for this fight has been great. I’ve had a good amount of time and feel like I am ready to go out and perform on September 29th.

MTA: How familiar are you with Gabe as a fighter?

Ethan: I know that Gabe comes from a good team at Combat Fitness out of Concord. I have seen him fight a couple times and I know that he is a southpaw.

MTA: What would you say is your biggest advantage entering the fight?

Ethan: I can’t really say I have a big advantage but I can say that coming into this fight, I am confident in my preparation and training.

MTA: What gym do you represent?

Ethan: I train out of El Niño Training Center in San Francisco, California and represent Wooden Man Muay Thai.

MTA: When did you start training and why?

Ethan: I started training in late 2010. I was looking to lose some weight at the time and I wanted to get into mixed martial arts. I came across Fairtex in Newark when they first opened up and fell in love with Muay Thai from there.

MTA: Are you still going to be fighting MMA?

Ethan: I don’t think I will get into MMA, at the moment I want to focus on my Muay Thai career. But you never know!

MTA: What would you say is the hardest part of training camp for a fight?

Ethan: I think the hardest part of training camp is balancing work, training and and your personal life.

MTA: Being that you have seen Gabe fight a couple of times, does it help preparing for the fight being that you have seen him in action?

Ethan: It does and it doesn’t because it’s nice to see him in action although it doesn’t matter because it’s not me in front of him.

MTA: Favorite Muay Thai fighter and why?

Ethan: That’s a hard one. I have more than one favorite Muay Thai fighter, but if I have to choose one I say Jongsanan Fairtex because of his forward and aggressive style.

MTA: How would you describe your style to someone that hasn’t seen you fight?

Ethan: I fight a more technical style and like to mix up my kicks, footjab and elbows.

MTA: You are both part of the Northern California Muay Thai scene. Is there any extra motivation because of this?

Ethan: No there is no extra motivation for me. I feel I always train with a high level of motivation no matter who I’m fighting.

MTA: Any words for your supporters?

Ethan: I want to say thank you to my trainers, teammates and family as well as my sponsors who help me during this training camp.


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