Drunk Loud Mouth Forced To Fight A Pro For Being Annoying

Don't be like this guy at fights

When you go to a fight there is a certain etiquette that should be followed so that you don’t end up looking like an idiot.

Some of the things that you shouldn’t do are chastise fighters, especially in a sport like Muay Thai that is full of respect and tradition. Don’t get belligerently drunk and start pissing people off because you think you are the coolest thing since sliced bread. If your friends start to act like this then it is your responsibility to make sure he doesn’t make a complete fool of himself.

In this video, we see a tourist who pops off at the mouth, under the presumption that he has had too much to drink. He doesn’t seem belligerent, so this guy might just be a jerk. His attitude ends up getting him to put into the ring to fight. It seems that he doesn’t think this is serious as he is joking with his friends. The problem is that the Muay Thai fighter in the ring and the referee are very serious.

You don’t see what led to this guy getting thrown in the ring, but whatever it was had the Muay Thai fighter mad because he deals out some punishment.

You don’t mess with Muay Thai fighters!

It is amazing that this man thought he was stepping in the ring, putting on gloves and thinking nothing was going to happen.

As soon as the Muay Thai fighter starts to kick him, this guy realizes this is not a joke. You can see after the first punch lands he looks over to his friends with bewilderment. As the Thai Boxer proceeds to hammer him with leg kicks he looks at the referee in hopes of being saved, but it doesn’t happen. At this point, he is not trying to fight back but that doesn’t matter as more strikes are unloaded on him.

He has clearly had enough and he starts to walk out of the ring, but the Muay Thai fighter kicks him all the way out as the crowd boos at him. This guy is pretty upset at this when he steps out of the ring.

The lesson here if you go to a Muay Thai fight or any other fight, be respectful. Don’t talk trash, don’t make fun of it, and don’t get in the ring unless you expect to fight.

He Took A Beating!

I actually kind of feel bad for the guy. The video doesn’t say what exactly led to him being tossed in the ring. It seems he was drunk and had no clue what is going on. He takes some hard blows before wising up and getting out of a bad situation.


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