Deontay Wilder’s Message To ‘Jealous’ Floyd Mayweather

deontay wilder floyd mayweather
It was the fight of the year, a heavyweight war for the title that now has everybody talking about the boxing big boys…

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury did an incredible job of bringing attention back to the boxing heavyweight division. With the WBC belt and lineal heavyweight title on the line, the two traded for 12 exciting rounds…

Although it ended in a controversial split draw, Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury was nothing short of amazing. The dramatic backstory provided fans with an in-depth look, specifically at Tyson Fury, who had suffered major career setbacks in the form of mental health issues and addiction.

Having ballooned up to the 350 pounds, Fury exited the sport after his landmark title victory over Wladimir Klitschko. Wilder, meanwhile, had been making mincemeat of contenders with his brutal knockout power.

Three years out of top competition had a minimal impact on Fury as he boxed circles around Wilder.

deontay wilder broken arm
The referee is being commended for even starting the count and giving Fury the chance to get up. Many others would’ve stopped the fight. Image Source: Irish Mirror.

Floyd Mayweather Criticism

“The Bronze Bomber” and “The Gypsy King” gave their all but the judge’s decision of a draw rubbed many the wrong way. Although it takes nothing away from Wilder or Fury’s stellar efforts, the split draw left many, including Floyd Mayweather, with a bad taste.


During an interview with “Hot Free Style,” Wilder responded to Floyd’s comments on the fight:

“Floyd Is Jealous”

“I’m a heavyweight and the fight Saturday was a great start to bring the heavyweight division back. The world loved it and I don’t think he liked that. (Floyd) wants all the attention on him and he didn’t like that. It’s sad that it’s like that. No more of that.”

“(Are you the new Floyd Mayweather of boxing?) I’m the new Deontay Wilder of boxing, I don’t want to be Floyd Mayweather. I’m coming, and there’s a lot of fighters jealous of me.”


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