Deontay Wilder & Tyson Fury Both Said The Same Thing About Anthony Joshua

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury competed in on of the biggest boxing fights of 2018. Tyson returning off a three-year layoff only having two warm-up fights before his title shot against a very dangerous undefeated champion in Wilder. Image Source: The Ring Magazine.

in the end, the result was a draw between Wilder and Fury. Like any other fight, they both were interviewed but these guys are particularly good talkers. Despite the heated build-up to the fight, both fighters expressed similar interests when it came to their next opponent…

So the big fight is over and it wasn’t the outcome everyone expected but it was an extremely entertaining fight with Tyson being dropped twice but also outclassing Wilder throughout the majority of the fight. Both Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury felt they should’ve won but the judges decided otherwise.

Their post-fight interviews included a very familiar and similar name in Heavyweight Boxing. This was none other than multiple belt champion Anthony Joshua.

Tyson Fury recovered from a nasty knockdown in the 12th round. Image Source: The Guardian.


If there’s one thing the two Heavyweight sensations can agree on, it’s that Anthony Joshua is next. It was already announced the winner would fight Joshua in the attempt to unify the belts but what now after a draw?

Heres what Fury had to say about Joshua.

“I stepped up after all of the time i had out of the ring. A certain other Heavyweight didn’t step up! Chicken! Joshua where are you? Where are you, AJ?”

It’s obviously no matter to Fury that both fighters are from the UK.

Wilder mirrored these comments, saying Anthony Joshua was “Afraid to fight.”

Fury’s trainer seems adamant that Fury needs a break, but also that Wilder will move to Joshua instead of the rematch. Even though he stated the rematch is what he wants from ‘The Gypsy King’.

‘”You’ve just taken away not in boxing history but sports history – (Tyson’s) come back from hell,”

“We need a break.”

Who do you think is next? Should the two have their rematch to determine who really deserves the title shot at AJ? Or should one of the two move to Joshua first? It’s looking to be the latter if I’m honest. Heres the official decision from the Wilder, Fury fight.


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