Deontay Wilder Offers Tyson Fury Immediate Rematch

In their recent fight, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury battled it out over twelve rounds and the end result was a very controversial draw. Image Source: The Independent.

Following the extreme controversy surrounding the result of last Saturday’s boxing, there has been heavy speculation on what’s next for Wilder and Fury. Some say Joshua should fight one of the two, but both of the fighters are leaning towards a rematch.

Now in Wilder’s contract, there is no official statement saying he is required to give Fury the rematch. His thoughts and decisions, should he give Fury the rematch, are completely his own choice.

No one in the fighting community can quite agree on who won the fight. No one can settle with one winner nor can anyone just agree with the draw, it has split the community into thirds. Until we have a clear winner that is, one that can only be decided with a rematch.

Fury came back after years away from the sport, battling adversity. He is being commended for coming back and bringing a fight to the WBC King. Image Source: Premium Times Nigeria.


Recently on a conference call Tuesday, Wilder was speaking on the possibility of an immediate rematch with Fury. He seems more than willing to make that fight over any Anthony Joshua fight right now. Here’s what he had to say (quotes courtesy of

“I’m willing and ready to give Fury the opportunity ASAP,”

“If you have so many different sides, it’s only right to give Fury a rematch as soon as possible. I’m ready whenever to do it whenever he’s ready to do it. I’m ready to give the fans what they wanna see and end this talk once and for all.”

“I think both sides definitely seriously want it to happen,”

“I don’t see why wouldn’t we. You know, it was a great fight and the buildup is already starting right now. We can’t get away from this fight. The excitement, everyone is talking about this fight. It’s only right for us to go back in and do it again. And I don’t want no other fights to happen between him or I. He don’t have to worry about me moving past him, fighting anyone. And I hope he don’t have to go fight no one else. I wanna give Tyson Fury the rematch ASAP.”

Of course before any of this can be officially signed we need to take into consideration, the health of the fighters. I mean, they both just spent 36 minutes battering the absolute hell out of each other. Who can blame them for taking some time off?

Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza had this to say regarding the possible rematch and how urgent he feels it is.

“But this is the kind of fight where we don’t need to schedule it around anything else. We saw this past weekend the type of energy and attention a big-time heavyweight fight between two undefeated champions, in their primes, will draw. So I’m not really worried about times of year and competitive programming, things like this. This is a fight that is strong enough to overcome all of that, so it will happen at its natural time.”

Would you like to see a rematch straight away? Or would you rather see Anthony Joshua finally face off with Deontay Wilder? Either is great for us…


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