Deontay Wilder Says He Broke His Arm Before Tyson Fury Fight

deontay wilder broken arm
Deontay Wilder lands a thunderous combo punctuated by a riveting left hook on Tyson Fury…

The boxing heavyweight division is alive once again thanks to WBC champion Deontay Wilder and lineal champ Tyson Fury. Their instant classic war this past Saturday shed light on the sport’s marquee division…

It could all have been so different but it was always going to end up the same. Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury went to foreign lands to box, while Deontay Wilder looked to score a knockout on home soil.

That old axiom that you have to knock the champ out in their backyard to win the belt has never rung truer. As the judge’s scorecards were read out, regardless of the two knockdowns, the crowd joined in booing and heckling the judges.

Americans and Brits alike, including Tyson’s camp and both Floyd Mayweather junior and senior,  were disappointed by the questionable draw.

deontay wilder broken arm
The referee is being commended for even starting the count and giving Fury the chance to get up. Many others would’ve stopped the fight. Image Source: Irish Mirror…

Deontay Wilder Broken Arm

Even with the sketchy scores, the fight was good for all parties. The sport of boxing still has two undefeated heavyweight stars in Fury and Wilder, and both men are posied for a big money rematch.

According to Wilder in a recent interview with ES News, this fight could have actually been very different. “The Bronze Bomber” says he actually broke his arm in sparring for “The Gypsy King.”

“A lot of people don’t know, 12 weeks before camp I broke my arm, we kept that a secret, surgery and everything,”

“I broke my arm from my wrist to elbow, I was sparring, getting ready and I was getting the best of my sparring partner, I was going to the body, he turned his elbow out and my bones and his elbow went in like a hammer to a nail. It just broke it.”

“We wanted to keep that sewed up, you know, we don’t make excuses, that whole camp we rallied through and I barely threw any punches my whole camp.”

“So that could also have been another reason, with the being anxious to want to get Fury out so badly, having so much pressure on me with the pay-per-view.”


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