WATCH: David vs. Goliath Fight Ends In Round One

The old saying ‘the bigger they are the harder they fall’ was true during this fight. When Romanian star Catalin Morosanu faced Polishman Tomasz Czerwinski, size really didn’t matter. Image source: Superkombat Youtube

David vs Goliath, the age-old story of some massive dude getting smashed by the underdog. It’s one that has come to reality many times in the fight game, and in this instance, it was a thrilling scrap…

Everyone loves a good underdog story, specifically when a smaller man overcomes a giant. David vs Goliath might come from a 2,000-year-old book, but that fable isn’t limited to the pages it was written on.

During the early days of MMA and kickboxing, David vs Goliath fights were commonplace. Pitting 150-pound fighters against men weighing over 400 pounds was pretty much standard practice.

Nowadays it doesn’t happen as much but sometimes we see examples of it. When you are considered a small heavyweight, anyone weighing 260+ pounds with a height advantage is going to dwarf you.

Catalin Morosanu (picture left) lands a clean left hand that wobbles Maurice Green. Photo source: Glory Kickboxing

David vs Goliath Video Below

Facing larger opponents is a regular challenge for Catalin Morosanu. At just 6 feet and 220 pounds, he is far from one of the giants of the heavyweight division. Rather, Morosanu is sometimes outweighed by 100 pounds, and up to 8 inches smaller than his opponents.

In one particular fight against Polish giant Tomasz Czerwinski, Morosanu found himself 108 pounds lighter and 10 cm shorter than his rival. David vs Goliath? Definitely, and it ended the same way as that timeless story.

Watch as Catalin Morosanu takes out his larger foe in a wild one-round slugfest, video courtesy of Superkombat fighting championship:

Right on The Button

That was a swift and brutal affair. Morosanu has competed for Glory Kickboxing, K-1, and Superkombat among other promotions worldwide. Interestingly, he also won the 9th season of the Romanian version of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’

Nicknamed ‘The Carpathian Death,’ Morosanu last competed in June of this year, defeating Frenchman Freddy Kemayo by decision. His record stands at 45-11, with his losses coming to mostly top-flight competition.

His latest win over Kemayo, who himself has beaten Pat Barry and Peter Aerts, was revenge for a KO loss Kemayo handed Morosanu back in 2008. Currently, there are no updates on Morosanu’s next opponent.

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