Dave Leduc’s Next Title Fight Confirmed

Dave Leduc is considered the king of Lethwei. The Canadian born fighter has made waves in one of the world’s most brutal sports.

He is the current Lethwei open weight world champion and his next title defense has been set. He will be fighting France’s Corentin Jallon on December 10, 2017 in Yangon, Myanmar for the Air KBZ Aung Lan Golden Belt Championship.

For those not familiar with Lethwei, it is dubbed the worlds most brutal sport because there is only one way to win. That is by knockout. There are no decision in traditional Lethwei, if the fight goes to the judges then it is declared a draw. If a fighter gets knocked out, he gets one time out to be revived and continue fighting. Fight’s are also bare-knuckle and headbutts are legal.

It is not a sport for the feint of heart as you need to be tough as nails to step into the Lethwei ring. Leduc earned his reputation after stepping in the ring with Too Too and Tun Tun Min, two of Myanmar’s most popular and best Lethwei fighters. He was last in action this past April when he fought to a draw with American Cyrus Washington. Despite the fight being officially ruled a draw, Leduc was in control throughout the fight.

Leduc has been instrumental in helping the sport of Lethwei gain more attention internationally and attract more foreign fighters. He hopes to make it appealing to foreigners so that they can come and train similar to what is done with Muay Thai.

Mark your calendars for this one because Leduc is one entertaining fighter. He is known for vicious elbows and nasty headbutts.


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