Dave Leduc vs. Shaolin Monk Reported For “Knockout Only” Fight

Dave Leduc vs. Yi Long is in the works.

If you are a fan of striking then you have probably heard of Dave Leduc and Yi Long.

Leduc has been dubbed the most dangerous man in combat sports because he is the King of Lethwei, the world’s most brutal sport. He chose to make his career in Lethwei after starting in Muay Thai because he found it closer to his roots. Lethwei also known as Burmese Bare Knuckle Boxing. The only way to win is by KO, no gloves are used, headbutts are legal and you get a timeout to be revived from a KO. Brutal is definitely the right word to describe it.

Yi Long is billed as the Shaolin Monk and has a huge following in his home country of China. He has fought the likes of Buakaw, Saiyok, Sitthichai even holding a win over Buakaw. Most recently he fought for the promotion Mas Fight. The 5’9″ Yi Long took on 7’2″ Hong-man Choi in a KO only fight. He won with a spinning back kick.

MAS Fight uses a unique set of rules. Their fight’s are 9 minutes, one round and you can only win by KO with 6 ounce open fingered gloves. Similar to Lethwei but still no headbutts or timeout to recover from a KO allowed. Despite this, it seems the King of Lethwei could be venturing to MAS Fight.

Leduc’s Last Win Was In Brutal Fashion

Leduc currently has a Lethwei fight with Lethwei great Tun Tun Min set for December 9th but is now in talks about a possible fight with Yi Long. Leduc has been critical of all over combat sports stating that Lethwei reigns supreme because it’s lack of rules. MAS Fight might not be as extreme as Lethwei, but it is probably the next closest thing.

Leduc has single-handedly taken the sport of Lethwei and carried it on his back to international exposure. He has made it his mission to make everyone aware of the most brutal combat sport in the world. There isn’t a Lethwei fighter in the world that promotes the sport as he does.

If the fight becomes official it would be huge for everyone involved. Yi long is a superstar and if he could take out the King of Lethwei, even if in a different rule set it would undoubtedly be a blow to the sport. On the other hand, Leduc taking out a superstar like Yi Long could open up the sport of Lethwei to a new market like China.

Yi Long’s Latest Win Against A Giant

With Leduc fighting in early December, it is likely this fight would be scheduled for early 2019 granted it fits into his 2019 seminar schedule. For any combat sports fan, it would be a great way to kick off the new year.


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