Dana White’s Savage Response To Khabib’s $50 Million Demand

Khabib Nurmagomedov is the undisputed, undefeated UFC Lightweight Champion. Retaining his belt against Conor McGregor at UFC 229.

Remember Ali Abdelaziz asking for 50 Million in Khabib’s next fight? Well amongst all the chaos in the combat sports universe currently, Dana White has clapped right back at the Russian and his manager…

If anyone knows Dana White, they will know he doesn’t take lightly to abiding by fighters propositions for pay. Despite Khabib’s place at the top of the food chain, he is no exception it seems.

Ali Abdelaziz is Khabib’s manager and if you recall he was another target for McGregor at the press conferences. Being called out over his son Noah, and being called a ‘terrorist snitch’.

Regardless of this Dana still doesn’t believe the team deserves the extortionate price they asked for. McGregor allegedly made the same amount but, its McGregor. Everyone knows the relationship he has with Dana…

Dana White is UFC president and is known for his brutal honesty. Image Source: JOE.co.uk

“They Know”

Dana recently in an interview spoke about the obscene request and had some things to say about it. (Quotes courtesy of MMA Junkie)

“Sure,” But this wasn’t said seriously, more sarcastically. “What would be realistic, then?” He was asked by MMA Junkie.

“They know what’s realistic for them. They know the answer to that question. It’s fun to say, though.”

Needless to say, Khabib isn’t making 50 Million in his next fight. Ali Abdelaziz was interviewed by TMZ Sports where they asked why he wanted 50 million.

“The other guy we just fought, he said he made $50 million. I think as a global superstar, Khabib bypassed him.”

I mean he’s not wrong. Khabib did a little more than ‘surpass’ the Irishman. He smashed him, quite literally.

However, there is hope for McGregor fighting soon when he stated that he will fight the next in line, just so he can get back to Khabib to try and avenge his loss and according to Dana White that’s where the Irish MMA superstar’s heart still stands.

“Conor and I talked for an hour last week,”

“And typical Conor. ‘I would love an immediate rematch. I want to fight him again. But I’ll fight whoever I’ve got to fight to get back to him if that’s not the case.”

But there are so many possibilities for the next fight, it could be Tony, Khabib could leave the UFC, he could fight outside of 155lbs. We simply won’t know until the hearing with the NSAC is over and done with in December. If Khabib shows up that is…


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