Dana White’s Brilliant Response To Oscar De La Hoya’s Fight Challenge

oscar de la hoya vs dana white
“Khabib, there’s this boxer talking trash about me”

The Oscar De La Hoya vs. Dana White feud took a step up this week. “The Golden Boy,” a former Olympian and world champion boxer, challenged the UFC promoter to a three-round boxing match…

UFC president Dana White has never been one to hold his tongue. It was no surprise to hear White slam Oscar De La Hoya’s pairing of Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. Equally, it was expected that “Golden Boy” would fire back in kind.

The trilogy between the ex-UFC champions took place on the inaugural Golden Boy MMA card. From start to finish, Liddell vs. Ortiz 3 was a bit of a shamble. De La Hoya couldn’t name any of the fighters on the card, aside from Liddell and Ortiz, during fight week.

Not only that, “The Iceman” had been retired for the best part of a decade and looked incredibly stiff in the pre-fight workouts.

oscar de la hoya
Oscar De La Hoya and Dana White’s beef has been ongoing for some time now…

Oscar De La Hoya vs. Dana White Boxing Challenge

The event came and went, Liddell was knocked out and basically the entire MMA world lamented the spectacle. Dana White completely slammed the fight, De La Hoya and his ‘circus’ promotion.

In return, De La Hoya challenged White to a three-round boxing match. In the video below, “Golden Boy” can be heard gassing about White, mentioning the UFC president’s ‘juicing’ and challenging White to a burner:

Dana White’s Hilarious Response

During a podcast appearance with Barstool Sports, the UFC head honcho fired back and it sounds like he won’t be fighting ODLH:

“I just heard him say on TMZ that he would kick my ass in the ring. Makes sense — this guy likes to see 50-year olds fight.

“So it makes sense that’s the fight that he would want to do.”


“To let him go in and fight this fight is terrible. I hope somebody talks De La Hoya into fighting again, and I hope he gets knocked the fuck out just like Chuck Liddell was in the first round.”

Is it terrible that I really want this fight to happen?


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