VIDEO: UFC President Dana White Made His Pro Wrestling Debut Last Night


It seems WWE star CM Punk might have rubbed off on UFC president Dana White. This was…weird…

The worlds of pro wrestling and mixed martial arts seem to be crossing paths quite a bit lately. Arguably the most notable of crossovers from pro wrestling to MMA was heavyweight monster Brock Lesnar.

Called ‘the baddest man on the planet’ by UFC president Dana White, the WWE superstar Lesnar would go on to win UFC gold at the peak of his fighting career. Years later, USADA (United States anti-doping agency) would cut Lesnar’s MMA resurgence short.

Fighting in the octagon is a world away from being a pro wrestler, but Lesnar is not the only case of WWE stars making the move, albeit the most successful. Alberto Del Rio actually fought Mirko Cro Cop in Pride FC back in the day, getting promptly blasted into the shadow realm.

Then, of course, we had the recent curious case of CM Punk.

CM Punk’s latest effort at UFC 225 will be his last…

Now Its Dana’s Turn

Punk made two lackluster efforts, although respectable in spirit, that saw the WWE star go 0-2 in the UFC octagon. Whether or not he will hit the regional circuit remains to be seen, but Punk’s UFC career is certainly over.

But its definitely not the end of this line-blurring period, as Dana White proves in the following video. During a regional pro wrestling event last night, the UFC head honcho went all theatrical with former welterweight UFC champ Matt Serra.

Seeing is believing:

So…That Just Happened

After losing to Mike Jackson at UFC 225, CM Punk at least gained the respect of White. DW told MMANYTT that people who didn’t appreciate Punk’s guts were idiots:

“No,” White said bluntly when asked if Punk would get a third opportunity in the UFC.

“I don’t think he really wants a third chance. After this last fight, the guy has got balls man, he’s got guts. He went on the world stage and he gave it two shots man.

“A lot of people talk s*** about CM, well get in there. Come on over. Have a fight and fight one of these guys.”

photo courtesy of Lowkickmma


“It’s easy to sit in your living room and talk s***. This guy was a huge star in WWE and he came over here and put it all on the line twice man in front of the whole world.

“If people can’t respect that, then their a f***ing idiot.”

“You can’t tell somebody ‘don’t do the thing that you want to do the most,’ White said.

“CM Punk wanted to be a UFC fighter and he wanted to come here. He wanted it so bad that he dropped everything and focused on nothing but mixed martial arts.

“If you talk to his team, next time you talk to Dick Roufus or Pettis, or any of those guys and talk about how this guy was driving back and forth from Chicago, how he would drive for hours and then train forever, you know. They all ended up respecting him.

“The guy went in there and put it all on the line.”


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