Dana White Blasts Jeff Maywether And Bob Arum

Dana White Blasts Jeff Mayweather and Bob Arum

Dana White was in full attack mode after UFC 210 this past weekend.

At the post fight press conference he addressed rumors regarding the split that the UFC wants for the super fight between Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and UFC champion Conor McGregor.

Rumors of the UFC wanting an 80/20 split for revenue had surfaced and White did not respond kindly to Floyd Mayweather’s uncle Jeff and promoter Bob Arum.

“What I would like to clarify is all the (expletive) about the 80 (expletive) 20 split,” said White.

““Jeff Mayweather? Come on, Jeff. Me and Jeff go way back. Jeff, are you the spokeman now for (expletive) Team Mayweather? And Bob Arum? You piece of (expletive). (expletive), too. What do they know about this fight? You want to know what they know about this fight? Nothing.”

Despite the bashing of Jeff Mayweather and Bob Arum fans can cling on to a ray of hope that this fight will happen. White added that after McGregor has his baby they will meet in New York to talk about the mega fight. He also added that McGregor has done a lot for the UFC and that he feels he owes it to McGregor to allow the fight to happen.

This fight is still a long ways from happening, but hopefully agreements get signed sooner than later. The fight world hasn’t been as excited for a fight like this since Mayweather and Pacquiao fought in May of 2015.


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