WATCH: Dad Teaches Bully Son A Lesson By Making Him Fight A Pro Boxer

One of the biggest problems with bullies is that they don’t have discipline. Most of the time the lack of discipline fall son the parents.

In this video we find a dad that takes discipline very serious, especially when it comes to his teenage son. The teenager had some issues with bullying others and fighting and that is defintely not okay with this dad. Most dads might sit their son down and have a talk with them and try to make them understand why they should not be bullying others.Well not this dad, he is a man of action. He decided to use a different a approach which is likley not something that many will approve of..

He decides to teach his son a lesson by taking him to a Boxing gym and having him step into the ring with Boxers. As we all know, Boxing on the street and fighting in the ring are two completely different things. Especially when you step in the ring with more experienced fighters.

This is definitely not the type of discipline most parents will give their kids. Afterall who wants to see their kid get hurt, but I guess this is what you call tough love.

From the start of the video it is clear that the teenager is not ready to be in the ring with anyone that has any type of skill. The first Boxer that he spars with is a little bigger than the teenager and he toys around with him rather than beat him up. It is very clear that there is a tremendous skill level difference between them. The second Boxer he faces is smaller and he doesn’t hold back.

Oddly enough former New England Patriots NFL player Willie McGinest happened to be in the gym when this took place and he can be heard telling the bully to fight back while he records the action on his phone.

Hopefully the kid learned his lesson that bullying is not okay. There is always someone out there that is bigger and better and it is not okay to take advantage of others who you perceive as beeing weak.

What do you guys think of his dad setting this up? Too far or great lesson? Watch the video below and let us know.



  1. I think this is great. Not too far at all. If ever were my own kids to lose their way and become bullies somewhere down the line, they’re going in the ring, and they’re going to get a professional hiding.


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