CROM’s Corner: Developing One Shot Knock Out Power

As we all know, the “one shot” knock out is the final word of a Muay Thai bout. It is the pinnacle of any exchange where you render the opposition unable to continue their campaign. As a newbie you watched highlight clips over and over again so you could analyze and cringe on the impact.When you first started training, whether you were hitting the bag, pads, or your fellow training partner, you were thinking“that what would have been a knock out in a fight”. With the 8 weapons we have as Nak Muay’s, we can all imagine even one of those tools being able to stop our opponent dead in his/her tracks and not having your win or loss being decided by 3 people with differences of opinions.

So how do we ensure that you don’t leave the fight in the hands of the judges?
In my 20 years of training, fighting and coaching, there is no sure fire way to stop your rival every time. No matter how good you think your set-ups are, your feints that make every one flinch, or your look low/go high round kick that works like a charm in the gym… you need something else. You want to have a few more tools in your bag to increase your chances of landing the “one-hitter quitter”. These tools can be sharpened, not just on the heavy bags, pads and drills/sparring, but honed-in on with some extra-curricular work off of the mats.

Remember, “The harder you work, the luckier you get”!
Just like the 8 Limbs of Muay Thai, there are 8 attributes you want in order to enhance the possibility of landing that night ender! Agility, balance, flexibility, endurance, power, speed, strength, and stability are going to get you where you want to be. If you possess and sharpen all 8 of these attributes not only does it increase your ability to land the knock out shot, but it will increase your longevity in the sport.

Even though I don’t actively fight anymore, the preservation of my attributes over the last 20 years keeps enable me to train and learn on a daily basis. As I turn 41 next month, I can safely say that I am a better athlete presently than I was when I first started training Muay Thai. Back then I had age on my side, but now I train smarter and harder than the old me ever did.

Though there are multitudes of ways to enhance your 8 athletic attributes to make you a better Muay Thai fighter, I developed a movement that hitall 8like a sledgehammer! Best of all you need no equipment as this move relies solely on bodyweight. I call it the CROMplex. Whether you are a seasoned vet or a green newbie, the CROMplex will challenge any level of athleticism. It consists of 4 dynamic bodyweight exercises performed one right after the other. The CROMplex is best used as a burn out drill after a proper warm up and/or skill training.

-Knees to feet
-Reverse burpee (deck squat)
-Tuck jump

Start with 2 minutes on the clock, then repeat as many as you can with explosiveness, grace, and most of all controlled breathing.

Check out this video for a step by step CROMplex tutorial:


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