Raw Footage Of Gunmen Opening Fire At Boxing Weigh-In

The last thing anyone thinks of when attending a weigh-in for a fight event is that they will be running for their life.

That is exactly what happened when people were in attendance at the weigh-ins for the Clash of Clans Boxing event at the Regency hotel in Dublin, Ireland on February 5, 2017.

According to the police three men entered the hotel dressed as police officers and opened fire with riles. Several were wounded and one person died. The men were targeting rival gang members, and the individual that died was believed to be one of the intended targets.

You can see the chaos that ensues when the gun shots start in the video below. A fighter had just finished weighing in and hasn’t put his clothes back on when the shooting starts. Everyone frantically runs for the nearest exit looking to escape. A little girl can be heard crying and asking “daddy what was that”, before another gun shot is heard.

Several people can be heard asking what happened. It is horrible to think that in the matter of seconds a fight weigh-in turned into a deadly shooting.

Having been to several fight weigh-ins , it is also very scary to think that in the world we live in this could happen at any time. In this instance it was related to criminal activity among gangs, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen for other reasons, or no reason at all aside from someone being unstable.

You can see the footage of the incident below. Let us know if you have encountered anything as horrible as this at weigh-in or fight event.


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