Conor McGregor’s 55-Year-Old Dad Training For Boxing Debut

Tony McGregor is UFC superstar Conor McGregor’s father. Image Source: Irish Mirror.

Conor McGregor has made untold amounts of money in his fighting career thus far. With multiple years left and no signs of slowing down just yet he has the opportunity to make so much more.

Normally, a parent would be happy living carefree without having to do anything due to their child’s success. Tony McGregor obviously does not believe in this.

So the McGregors seem to be quite the fighting family. With Conor’s fame and fortune in the UFC and combat sports altogether, his Dad, Tony wants in on the action. However, it’s not for a price like Conor. It is actually for a charity.

He could’ve stayed sat down for the rest of his life in comfort from his son’s success but he wants to get into the ring and take on a much younger opponent in Radio host Eoin Sheahan.

Yesterday Conor posted a video on Instagram, showing his son, father and him all working out, hitting punch bags.

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We are never too young to start and never too old to learn ❤️

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Fighting Family

This also isn’t the first time we’ve seen video footage of Tony, as he posts things onto his own Instagram showing his training and a standoff between him and his opponent.

So, how on earth did this come about? Like all other fights, through a callout. Eoin Sheahan who hosts Off The Ball, a radio show, called out Tony after viewing some training footage. What he didn’t expect was Tony to accept so quickly and now the fight is a reality. McGregor said, “There’s two things I don’t like, coinage and being called out.”

When asked how he felt about the fight becoming booked so quick Sheahan had this to say (all quotes courtesy of Bloody Elbow)

“Pretty chill about it all, to be honest, Camp Apocalypse, Camp A-shmock-alypse. Whatever it may be.”

“I’m born ready, to be honest with you,”

“I was put on this earth to fight old men like him.”

Both of these men will put in a 6-week training camp and all money earnt goes to charity.

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Camp Apocalypse: Stick N Move, young Mr Sheahan ?

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Rivalries seem to be another thing the McGregor family specialise in, we’ve got no time for Khabib and Conor anymore, this is the real money fight…


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