Conor McGregor “Running Out of Money,” Coach Reveals Nate Diaz Trilogy Talk

That face you make when everyone is talking about fighting Khabib but your coach is talking about Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 3, the rumor of McGregor running out of money and a spell in the sin bin coming up for the Irishman…

There’s not been a whole lot of talk from former UFC lightweight/featherweight champion Conor McGregor lately. Unsurprisingly, it seems the usually brash and outspoken Irishman is trying to keep his head down during the time before his court hearing on July 26.

Scheduled to face the judge for his part in the chaotic bus attack at the Barclays center in New York, ‘The Notorious’ will likely avoid jail time. Meanwhile, back in the UFC, the new lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is yet to have his first defense scheduled.

After defeating late replacement Al Iaquinta for the belt at UFC 213, ‘The Eagle’ moved to 26-0 as a professional fighter.

Khabib’s manager makes some surprising claims…

Manager Claims Conor McGregor is Going Broke

According to Khabib’s manager, Ali Abdel Aziz, ‘The Notorious’ is running out of money:

“Conor’s running out of money, this is why he agreed to fight Khabib,” Abdelaziz told TMZ Sports. “It’s okay, we’re gonna contribute to him making some money, but at the end of the day, we owe him an ass whooping. He needs to get his ass whooped from Khabib.”

The globally recognized Irishman made a cool 100 million dollars from his fight against Floyd Mayweather. Although he likes to spend with both hands, that’s a fairly large amount to spunk away in just one year.

Given how excited everyone is about McGregor vs. Khabib, it may surprise you that McGregor’s coach actually wants to see Nate Diaz get his third fight first:

sourced from Nate Diaz’s Instagram account; @NateDiaz209

“Homer Simpson”

During an interview transcribed by, McGregor’s longtime coach John Kavanagh had some interesting views on his fighter’s return UFC bout:

“Nate Diaz is my favorite fight, by the way,” Kavanagh said. “If I could pick a fight for the next one it would be that trilogy. I realize it’s not the fan-favorite. The fan favorite, without a close second, is the Khabib fight, but for me, it’s the Nate Diaz rematch and I think the Khabib fight is a lot more straight forward.”

”For me, he had already lost to him, it’s a bigger guy, Conor’s skill set is shutting people’s consciousness off and he’s impossible – a freaking Homer Simpson head, he just keeps moving forward,” Kavanagh said.

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Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 3?

“Conor’s bravery in [the fight], I’ve seen Conor fight a lot of people that he’s able to walk through and that’s great, it’s fun and you raise a belt, but it doesn’t it doesn’t really excite me that much, not really. But that fight, if you’d been around him, by the time he’d got backstage [after losing the first Diaz fight], we were watching that night, and then the next morning he was not off the phone until Lorenzo and Dana said that would be his next fight.”


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