Conor McGregor Reacts To UFC Shutting Down Flyweight Division

Conor McGregor has given his opinion on the UFC flyweight division being dissolved.

With the news that the UFC flyweight division will be dissolved by years end many fighters futures are uncertain.

The news was first reported by FloCombat, but still has not been confirmed by the UFC. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed by then it definitely seems that news is accurate as several flyweights have been released from their contracts including Jose Torres and Jared Brooks.

Fans have been quick to lay blame on the UFC for not promoting the division correctly. Brooks even called them greedy in his video announcing his release from the promotion. Everything still seems to be up in the air for several of the flyweights. Not all are guaranteed to get a chance to move up to the bantamweight division and compete.

Conor McGregor has since spoken up and has pointed the finger at who is to blame, and it isn’t the UFC. The former two-division champ and MMA superstar had laid the blame on ONF owner Chatri Sityodtong.

McGregor is throwing heat at the ONE Championship founder.

“You must now take all the 125lbers that have been let go, Chatri. You talk all of this martial art and respect talk, yet your greed has directly cost more than half a fighting division its chance to earn income for their family. Have respect @YODCHATRI. Sign the division.” tweeted McGregor.

McGregor is referring to Chatri’s greed as being his acquisition for former UFC flyweight kingpin Demetrious Johnson in a groundbreaking trade with the UFC. Late last month Johnson was essentially traded by the UFC for ONE Championship’s undefeated welterweight champion Ben Askren. The flyweight division was not the most popular, but Johnson was clearly its most recognizable fighter after setting the UFC record for title defenses.

A lot of fight fans are calling for the released UFC flyweights to go to ONE Championship. The promotion has catered to smaller weights and it would seem that it should continue to do so with the acquisition of Johnson. It would make to sense to trade for him if they weren’t planning on making him a central figure in their promotion.

Chatri Sityodtong, the president of ONE Championship.

Is it a stretch or can you lay some blame on ONE Championship?

It seems McGregor is defending the UFC because ONE’s owner has stated that to him martial arts is about respect, and one of the criticisms the UFC had had is that it doesn’t embody respect. Something that is very important in martial arts. It will be interesting if Chatri responds to McGregor’s tweet saying that the UFC flyweights being released is his fault.

You would assume ONE will sign at least a few of the fighters being released, but that isn’t a guarantee. Those are some pretty strong words by McGregor and will probably be met with a split response. Some saying it is the UFC’s fault and some praising him for using his platform to speak up for the flyweights.


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