Conor McGregor No Shows Court & Receives Six-Month Ban

Conor McGregor is MMA’s Irish superstar. However, this type of popularity can lead to recklessness. Image Source: MMAJunkie.

Oh, McGregor. The Notorious one is becoming more and more notorious by the day. Many people disagreed with Conor’s approach to the Khabib fight, not to mention the Brooklyn bus incident which saw McGregor receive community service for his actions.

You’d think he’d stay out of trouble. Now here he is again in more trouble with the law…

Everyone knows how wealthy McGregor is, owning the most expensive clothing, property and cars. Speaking of cars, McGregor failed to show up to his court hearing last week regarding a motoring offence. Meaning he was ordered to show up today to another hearing, where his punishment was issued.

Being the owner of multiple supercars McGregor seems to be finding it hard to stick to the speed limits. Seeing as this isn’t his first time being caught speeding maybe the judge thought it was about time there was a consequence.

McGregor showing up to court today in one of his expensive custom suits. Image Source: The Sun.

“Got To Drive Safer”

McGregor failed to show up initially, last week, for going 154kph in a 100kph zone. During his trial today he pleaded guilty to speeding and was slapped with a 1000 Euro fine. Then to pour more salt in the wound he received a 6-month driving ban. Maybe Artem can be his chauffeur for the next 6-months…

When being interviewed after the court hearing McGregor simply said “got to drive safer” in response to Judge Desmond Zaidan saying “Speed kills” previously in the courtroom.

The judge pulled up four offences by McGregor, one relating to speeding and the other three for not producing a drivers license when asked.

McGregor really can’t seem to stay out of trouble, this being his 12th time being involved in a motoring offence. Bearing in mind he still has a court hearing in December for the UFC 229 incident with his rival Khabib. Maybe he’ll show up to that one first time, that way we can see him back in the Octagon in no time.


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