Conor McGregor Boxing Mitt Work

McGregor is the Muhammad Ali of MMA when it comes to having a way with words.

In this clip during a UFC open work out Conor shows off his boxing skills on the mitts and one thing becomes evident. The man can talk. He toots his own horn about his speed. Granted the man does look to have some speed, he shows off some head movement too. At one point he event turns away as he is hitting the mitts. Although we seriously doubt that is something he will be trying on Mayweather if they ever do fight.

You have to keep in mind, this is mitt work. It is catered around McGregor to make him look good, which he does in this video. If he will actually be able to transfer any of this into the ring against a slick and evasive Mayweather would be anyone’s guess.

One thing is certain. If you ask Conor he is going to tell you he will be able to transfer those skills. He already said he is going to knockout Mayweather. The other thing that is certain is that Mayweather doesn’t think Conor has a chance against him. The third and final thing that is certain is that if this fight ends up happening it will be huge.

Until it does, check out Conor McGregor’s boxing mitt work below and let us know if you think he has a chance against Floyd Mayweather.



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