Conor McGregor Boxing Mitt Work

Conor McGregor Boxing Mitt Work

If the Boxing match between UFC superstar Conor McGregor and Boxing great Floyd Mayweather will ever happen is anyone’s guess.

One week it is supposed to happen the next week it isn’t. In reality the person that really controls if this fight will happen or not is the UFC. They have McGregor under contract and if this fight ends up happening it will be because they allowed it to happen.

There is no doubt that both McGregor and Mayweather want it to happen. Why wouldn’t they, this would be a huge pay day for them. Until the UFC really decides to play ball, it will be a constant back and forth. Despite the uncertain future of this fight, one thing is certain. Fans love to talk about this fight happening, and who will win.

The consensus seems to be that Mayweather will run through McGregor, after all they are fighting in his chosen profession. He is a an undefeated Boxer with a record of 49-0 and a former WBC, IBO, WBA and WBO world champion. It seems like a steep hill for McGregor to climb in his professional boxing debut.

Clearly McGregor will be confident walking in, or if he isn’t he will at least pretend to be confident. It is was Conor does best, he knows how to sell a fight. That is why he is such a huge star for the UFC. He talks the talk and up to this point he has been able to walk the walk.

But what does his actual boxing look like?

(Click next to watch Conor McGregor working his Boxing on the mitts)



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