Chuck Norris Reveals Real Cause of Bruce Lee’s Death

Bruce Lee with his famed nunchucks

Chuck Norris clarifies the truth about Bruce Lee’s death…

Two of the most well known martial artists and actors were friends in everyday life. The pair traveled different paths to earn their fame, but both would eventually go down as martial arts legends.

In the 60’s and 70’s Bruce Lee became a household name as he brought Wing Chun and his own martial art Jeet Kune Do to the masses. He is easily the biggest martial arts movie star of all time. His films ‘Enter The Dragon,’ ‘Fist of Fury’ and ‘Way of the Dragon’ are classics. Often cited as the inspiration for many of today’s artists.

Chuck Norris can credit Bruce Lee for his first major motion picture role. He starred as Colt in Way of the Dragon before going to become a martial arts superstar in his own right. Ine the movie Bruce Lee defeated Chuck Norris, but in real life, the two were close friends. Chuck Norris can give accurate and reliable insight on the life of Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee is a martial arts legend…

Bruce Lee became a legend and when he died at the age of 32 wild theories about his death started circulating. Lee had reportedly died from an allergic reaction to painkillers. This was hard to accept by many because legends don’t die this way.

The conspiracy theories started to rain in with some stating his death was carried out by Chinese organized crime syndicate the Triads. Other stories involved his family being cursed and dim mak.

Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon.

For those not familiar with dim mak it is known as the touch of death. It is an attack that doesn’t seem like an attack. The rumor stated that Lee received the touch of death without knowing and slowly started to succumb to it, eventually passing away. We can really go on and on with the theories, they even get to the point of involving the death of his son Brandon Lee 20 year later.

Audio recorded during the world famous Comi-Con convention in 1975, Chuck Norris one of Lee’s friends and co-movie stars set the record straight about his death.

“Bruce had been lifting weights with Karim Jabaar, he hurt his back. He was laid up in the hospital for three weeks. He came out feeling stronger than ever, but he needed medication to keep his back muscles loose. One day he had a headache, so (sic) gave him some antibiotics. These mixed with the medication he was on from the hospital and caused his brain to swell. That’s what really killed Bruce Lee.”

When Norris mentions Karim Jabaar, he is referring to Los Angeles Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. As you can see Norris debunked all the wild theories surrounding Lee’s death. It was a tragic loss and something no one expected but there was nothing controversial about it.

Despite Lee’s death, his legacy lives on. It is hard to find anyone in martial arts that has impacted the world as he did. It might be hard to accept that arguably the greatest martial artist of all time died because of an allergic reaction to medication. Everyone wants to envision a more fitting death to a man of his capabilities. As Chuck Norris said, now you know. You can set the record straight and end any of these crazy theories that continue to circulate over 40 years after his death.


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