Champions Uprising

Chris Romulo

American Muay Thai champion Chris Romulo retired from fighting in 2011, but the man that had been defying odds was not done yet.

Chris earned his reputation as a hard nosed Muay Thai talent by not just beating his opponents, but also being able to take his own licks. Life outside the ring was not much different, Chris had taken many shots in life, but the one constant was that he always go up.

One of the biggest shots that knocked him down was when Hurricane Sandy destroyed his gym and home, but in true Chris Romulo fashion he dusted himself off and got back up. Today he is one of the most respected people on the American Muay Thai scene. His newest endeavour is motivational speaking.

If you ever get that chance to hear Chris speak, you will get goosebumps. He has one of those voices that and his story of triumph will make you want to get up and reach for your goals. In addition to his motivational speaking, Chris recently released his memoir Champions Uprising.

This is a must read story that will have you not wanting to put your copy down. I was able to catch up with Chris about the book. Enjoy the interview and make sure to pick up your copy of Champions Uprising here.

MTA: You just released your new book Champions Uprising and the reviews are great. Why did you decide to write the book?

Chris: I wrote the book to leave something for my kids to read at some time or another in their life to help them along their own journey, just when they think things are getting tough.

MTA: It seems you have really taken an interest in helping others achieve their goals through motivation since you retired from the fight game. What has appealed to you about this so much?

Chris: From an early age, I’ve always wanted to make sure I made a name for myself, even before Muay Thai. Now that I am retired from fighting, I still feel like I am on that mission, but not through my physical actions. I now see myself using my voice to inspire people to take on life with a champion’s mindset.

MTA: You worked with John Wolcott on this book. What was it about John that made you pick him to be the co-author of the book?

Champions UprisingChris: I met John circa 2010 when he interviewed me for a Muay Thai publication and I admired the way he used his words to help tell my story. So it was the realization of his passion and skill for writing that helped me decide that he was the only person I want to trust with my story and message.

MTA: You have now started a career in motivational speaking. This is something that not everyone can do and it really takes a special individual. What are you thinking when you are talking to a group of people and using your words to get them to feel inspired?

Chris: First and foremost, I am thinking if I had a fatherly figure in my life as a kid I wouldn’t have chosen the streets to teach me how to be a man, leading me to nearly lose my life. I want to know that I’ve taken what I was able to learn, through the ups and downs of life, and share with anyone who is looking to get what it is that they really want in life.

MTA: Anyone that reads the book will realize that you have been knocked down in life several times, but have refused to stay down. Is there anything that worries you now? It seems you have taken some of life’s best shots.

Chris: I wouldn’t say that I am worried. But I do look forward to becoming a better parent. I have 2 sons, 19 and 5, and I am still learning everyday that being a parent is the biggest challenge. I want to know that I have done everything possible to connect with my sons, truthfully and without judgement, so that they can always talk to me in any scenario.

MTA: What do you hope anyone who reads the book takes away?

Chris: I hope that anyone who reads this book understands that you’re gonna face struggle your entire life and learn that those struggles are a crucial part of you living and learning.

MTA: The book is not just for fights fans, it is for anyone that has had any type of struggle. You really opened up, was it difficult to let people in to see more than what they see in the ring?

Chris: There were many tears shed in the process of putting this memoir together but I’ve learned that, if you still shed a tear when you tell your story then you have more healing to do.

MTA: So you are done with the fighting, but is there any fight that could bring you out of retirement?

Chris: Alex Ricci.

MTA: Thanks for your time Chris. Any words for your supporters or fans?

Chris: I sincerely hope that my story can help anyone that reads this book, understand that we can always take control of our perspective on life to rise us against the struggles and fight until the very end.


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