STORY: Man Credits Ip Man and Wing Chun for Surviving Samurai Sword Attack

If someone ever tells you to stop watching Martial Arts movies remind them of Alex Lovell. His girlfriend attacked him with a samurai sword...

Why Are So Many CEOs And Celebrities Also Martial Artists?

This article originally appeared on Evolve MMA. Many people understand the obvious connection the martial arts has to physical fitness and overall health. Quite a few people...

Video: UFC Champion Fights Real Life Ninja in MMA

MMA is as mainstream as it gets now. It is hard to run into anyone who doesn't know about the sport and that some...

Security Guard Delivers A Brutal Elbow KO

People often don't take security guards serious, but sometimes that can be a mistake. Afterall they can't all be Paul Blart. There are some bumbling...

Tai Chi vs. MMA Fight Ends Fast

One of the longest running arguments in martial arts is about which style is better.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Everyone...

WATCH: Robber Gets Head Kicked And Goes Into Seizure

If you plan on committing a crime you need to make sure that no one around can stop you. In this case a man...

2 Gyms Meet In Forrest Fight To See Who Is Better

Remember how in 80's movies like The Karate Kid and The Last Dragon your gyms reputation was everything? Challenges were laid out in gyms...
Inmate Fights 15 Corrections Officersvideo

Inmate Takes On 15 Corrections Officers

Being a corrections officer is a very dangerous and difficult job. You deal with a variety of criminals from the not so dangerous to...

Baby Trains Like Rocky Balboa

In this great video a 2-year old baby trains like Rocky Balboa while watching the movie. This little guy is nothing short of awesome.
Bear Attack

Video Of Man That Escaped Bear Attack Goes Viral

This is a crazy video that was uploaded to facebook by a man after he was able to escape with his life from a bear attack.

Shooting A Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle in Slo-Mo

Watching this guy shoot a Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle in slow motion is extremely satisfying.
Size Doesn't Matter

Size Doesn’t Matter, Don’t Be A Bully

Size doesn't matter and in this video this bully learns that lesson the hard way.

Cutting A BB Gun Pellet In Half With A Samurai Sword

The hand eye coordination in this video is insane as Isao Machii cuts a BB gun pellet in half with a samurai sword after it is fired at him.

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