Cutting A BB Gun Pellet In Half With A Samurai Sword

The hand eye coordination in this video is insane as Isao Machii cuts a BB gun pellet in half with a samurai sword after it is fired at him.
Bear Attack

Video Of Man That Escaped Bear Attack Goes Viral

This is a crazy video that was uploaded to facebook by a man after he was able to escape with his life from a bear attack.

WATCH: NFL Star Knocks Out Man In Wild Airport Fight

There is no question that NFL players are tough. Are they as tough as fighters? I say no, but even so you still don't...

WATCH: Robber Gets Head Kicked And Goes Into Seizure

If you plan on committing a crime you need to make sure that no one around can stop you. In this case a man...

Baby Trains Like Rocky Balboa

In this great video a 2-year old baby trains like Rocky Balboa while watching the movie. This little guy is nothing short of awesome.

STORY: Nick Diaz Destroyed Nightclub Thug With Elbows

Nick Diaz has proven time and time again he is not someone to be messed with.It seems some people just haven't gotten the message....
Karate Chopping Brick in Slow Motion

Karate Chopping Brick in Slow Motion

Very cool video of this guy Karate Chopping A Brick in Slow Motion. The way the hand shifts and moves is just mind blowing to watch.

Video: UFC Champion Fights Real Life Ninja in MMA

MMA is as mainstream as it gets now. It is hard to run into anyone who doesn't know about the sport and that some...

2 Gyms Meet In Forrest Fight To See Who Is Better

Remember how in 80's movies like The Karate Kid and The Last Dragon your gyms reputation was everything? Challenges were laid out in gyms...
100 Hits in 1 Second

Speed Hitting: 100 Hits in 1 Second

Watch Master Ken land 100 hits in 1 second in this video that has to be shown in super slow motion so that nothing is missed.

This Martial Artist is Being Called The Reincarnation of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was a martial arts pioneer. He bridged the gap between ancient martial arts and modern society with his philosophies and skill.His philosophies...
Inmate Fights 15 Corrections Officersvideo

Inmate Takes On 15 Corrections Officers

Being a corrections officer is a very dangerous and difficult job. You deal with a variety of criminals from the not so dangerous to...
Mike Tyson joins D-Generation X

Throwback: Mike Tyson joins D-Generation X

Remember when wrestling in the late 90's was great. Remember when Mike Tyson joins D-Generation X and everyone went crazy!

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