The Most Terrifying Fighter In The World’s Most Brutal Sport

The word savage gets used a lot in combat sports and a lot of times it doesn't fit. When you are talking about Dave...

Lethwei: The World’s Most Brutal Sport

If someone asked you what the most brutal sport was, what would you reply? Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay Thai are all some sports that...

Dave Leduc’s Next Title Fight Confirmed

Dave Leduc is considered the king of Lethwei. The Canadian born fighter has made waves in one of the world's most brutal sports. He is...

Dave Leduc: Lethwei World Champion

Lethwei a.k.a. Burmese bareknuckle boxing hails from Myanmar and at first glance is often confused with Muay Thai. Just like Kickboxoing isn't Muay Thai, Muay...

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