1 No Nonsense Way To Achieve World Class Muay Thai Skills

Footwork is key to any fighters success. Chris Romulo explains why great footwork is so crucial when training combat sports.

CROM’s Corner: Muay Thai For Life

I fell in love with the art of Muay Thai 20 years ago. The way I was able to find the art was as violently effective as the sport itself. As a young, lost soul with very little direction and aspirations in my life, I found myself in a street scrap that left me with a broken nose, fractured eye socket and a crushed ego. Till this day I am grateful to have the ability to talk about the experience since I could have easily lost my life. With a new appreciation for breathing I set out on a path to make sure I never came close to that kind of situation ever again!

The Most Crucial Piece Of The Muay Thai Puzzle

Drilling is one of piece of the Muay Thai puzzle that should not be taken lightly. Sparring should be something a student earns gradually over time.
Throw a Razor Sharp Inside Leg Kick

How To Deliver a Razor Sharp Inside Leg Kick

Learn to deliver a razor sharp inside leg kick from Chris Romulo to increase your Muay Thai skills.

5 Steps To A Powerful Knee

Learn to Knee with Chris Romulo. These 5 steps will teach you how to deliver a strong knee that can put your opponent down for the count.
6 Steps to Great Footwork

6 Steps to Great Footwork

6 Steps to Great Footwork from Chris Romulo. Footwork can make all the difference in a fight, use these 6 steps to develop your footwork.
Get a grip on your muay thai clinch

Get A Grip For Your Muay Thai Clinch

Do you train as if your life depends on it? One of the most primal skills in existence, climbing, will test your every being, much like ring combat. Let’s learn this vital self-preservation skill, to keep you the dominant opposition.

Inside the Mind of a Retired Nak Muay

As I sat ringside this past Friday at Friday Night Fights in NYC watching some great amateur/professional Muay Thai scraps I found myself tripping down memory lane.

CROM’s Corner: Developing One Shot Knock Out Power

As we all know, the “one shot” knock out is the final word of a Muay Thai bout. It is the pinnacle of any exchange where you render the opposition unable to continue their campaign. As a newbie you watched highlight clips over and over again so you could analyze and cringe on the impact.When you first started training, whether you were hitting the bag, pads, or your fellow training partner, you were thinking“that what would have been a knock out in a fight”. With the 8 weapons we have as Nak Muay’s, we can all imagine even one of those tools being able to stop our opponent dead in his/her tracks and not having your win or loss being decided by 3 people with differences of opinions.
Add This One Movement To Your Arsenal To Become a Dynamic Machine

Add This One Movement To Your Arsenal To Become a Dynamic Machine

If you want become a dynamic athlete add this movement to your arsenal. Chris Romulo demonstrates how to do the Sromplex.

CROM’s Corner: Inside the Mind of a Nak Muay

Do you have the right mindset to excel in Muay Thai? Do you understand or even have a “why” for training? Do you have a vision in your mind of where you want to go in your journey?

CROM’S CORNER: Update Your Training Software

If you are still doing bicep curls, leg extensions, and triceps push downs you are still playing Atari in an X Box world.
5 Steps To Throwing A Solid Roundkick

5 Steps To Throwing A Solid Roundkick

Welcome to week 1 of our 3 Part Fundamentals series. This week we show the 5 steps to throwing a solid roundkick so that you can improve your skills.

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