Push Kick

5 Key Steps To A Strong Push Kick

Learn the 5 key steps to throwing a strong Push Kick so you can control your opponents in the ring. Chris Romulo shows you with this easy breakdown.

CROM’s Corner: Inside the Mind of a Nak Muay

Do you have the right mindset to excel in Muay Thai? Do you understand or even have a “why” for training? Do you have a vision in your mind of where you want to go in your journey?

The Exercises Everyone Needs To Be Doing

This article originally appeared on Evolve-MMA. If you find yourself traveling and miles away from the nearest martial arts gym, fear not – there’s always the option...
Crom's Corner

Cutting Weight Gone Wrong

A majority of you “ammy" fighters believe that learning how to “cut weight” is your secret weapon to winning fights. I challenge you to re-think that thought.

CROM’s Corner: Developing One Shot Knock Out Power

As we all know, the “one shot” knock out is the final word of a Muay Thai bout. It is the pinnacle of any exchange where you render the opposition unable to continue their campaign. As a newbie you watched highlight clips over and over again so you could analyze and cringe on the impact.When you first started training, whether you were hitting the bag, pads, or your fellow training partner, you were thinking“that what would have been a knock out in a fight”. With the 8 weapons we have as Nak Muay’s, we can all imagine even one of those tools being able to stop our opponent dead in his/her tracks and not having your win or loss being decided by 3 people with differences of opinions.

SHREDbyCROM™: 10 Week Battle Ready Nutrition Program Blog 2

Week 2 of the SHREDbyCROM™: 10 Week Battle Ready Nutrition Program started off great. I carried the momentum and motivation of week 1 over and was doing great. I was making some good tasting healthy meals and working out each day. I also started doing some kettlebell workouts.

CROM’S CORNER: Update Your Training Software

If you are still doing bicep curls, leg extensions, and triceps push downs you are still playing Atari in an X Box world.
Chris Romulo

CROM’s Corner: It Pays To Be A Warrior

As an amateur Nak Muay back in 2004, I was blessed to have earned a World Kickboxing Association amateur national championship title in Virginia, summer of 2004.

Sharpen These 2 Punches For An Unstoppable Muay Thai Arsenal

The jab and cross are the two key punches you need in your arsenal. Chris Romulo breaks down how to use this two tool correctly.

The Most Crucial Piece Of The Muay Thai Puzzle

Drilling is one of piece of the Muay Thai puzzle that should not be taken lightly. Sparring should be something a student earns gradually over time.
Right Team

Do You Have The Right Team Pushing You To Victory?

Even though Muay Thai fighting is one of the most solo endeavors that an individual can go through, it takes a team to get...

Here’s Why Cryotherapy Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Body

This article originally appeared on Evolve MMA. Read the original article here. Ever wondered how the world’s top athletes like Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, and...

5 Ways to Stay Lean and Healthy While Working Out Less

What an awesome year of martial arts it’s been. So many great fights, so much action – combat sports just gets better every year. I hope your year has been full of great training and achievements and you’re going to finish off on a high note.