4 Ways To Fortify Your Midsection And Protect Yourself From Body Shots

This article originally appeared on Evolve MMA. Body shots are incredibly effective offensive tools, not only in boxing, but also in Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, and the...
Add This One Movement To Your Arsenal To Become a Dynamic Machine

Add This One Movement To Your Arsenal To Become a Dynamic Machine

If you want become a dynamic athlete add this movement to your arsenal. Chris Romulo demonstrates how to do the Sromplex.

Here’s How Percussion Therapy Boosts Muscle Recovery And Ignites Athletic Performance

This article originally appeared on Evolve MMA. We all love to spend hours in the gym, pushing ourselves to the limit, and discovering what our...

Why You Need Sleep To Be Able To Perform In The Gym

Training is hard enough, but training without sleep is even harder. It goes beyond being tired though. Not getting enough sleep can not only make...

CROM’s Corner: Finding Your “CORE 8”

The history of the kettlebell dates back to the 1700’s, primarily used by Russian farmers to weigh crops. Those same farmers eventually evolved in to using them to show off their strength at local festivals. Today, kettlebells are the ultimate tool for any combat/martial athlete, if used efficiently.
6 Steps to Great Footwork

6 Steps to Great Footwork

6 Steps to Great Footwork from Chris Romulo. Footwork can make all the difference in a fight, use these 6 steps to develop your footwork.
Push Kick

5 Key Steps To A Strong Push Kick

Learn the 5 key steps to throwing a strong Push Kick so you can control your opponents in the ring. Chris Romulo shows you with this easy breakdown.
Throw a Razor Sharp Inside Leg Kick

How To Deliver a Razor Sharp Inside Leg Kick

Learn to deliver a razor sharp inside leg kick from Chris Romulo to increase your Muay Thai skills.
Right Team

Do You Have The Right Team Pushing You To Victory?

Even though Muay Thai fighting is one of the most solo endeavors that an individual can go through, it takes a team to get...

5 Ways to Stay Lean and Healthy While Working Out Less

What an awesome year of martial arts it’s been. So many great fights, so much action – combat sports just gets better every year. I hope your year has been full of great training and achievements and you’re going to finish off on a high note.

This Is The Best Way To Develop Lean Muscle For A Shredded Physique

This article originally appeared on Evolve-MMA. Martial artists must develop their bodies to operate at peak performance under a wide array of conditions and in a...
Warrior Mindset

8 Ways To Develop A Warrior Mindset

In this week's CROM's Corner, Chris Romulo gives eight tips to develop a warrior mindset. Fighting is both physical and mental.

5 Steps To A Powerful Knee

Learn to Knee with Chris Romulo. These 5 steps will teach you how to deliver a strong knee that can put your opponent down for the count.

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