Add This One Movement To Your Arsenal To Become a Dynamic Machine

Add This One Movement To Your Arsenal To Become a Dynamic Machine

If you want become a dynamic athlete add this movement to your arsenal. Chris Romulo demonstrates how to do the Sromplex.
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3 Things Muay Thai Athletes Should Do Every Day To Reduce Stress

For the fighter, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to maximizing your training efforts such as diet and supplements. If I had...
5 Steps To Throwing A Solid Roundkick

5 Steps To Throwing A Solid Roundkick

Welcome to week 1 of our 3 Part Fundamentals series. This week we show the 5 steps to throwing a solid roundkick so that you can improve your skills.

5 Ways to Stay Lean and Healthy While Working Out Less

What an awesome year of martial arts it’s been. So many great fights, so much action – combat sports just gets better every year. I hope your year has been full of great training and achievements and you’re going to finish off on a high note.
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Hydration for Muay Thai Athletes

In my last article I touched on the importance of water for staying lean and healthy. Well now I’m back giving the M.V.P. of performance another shout out because, quite frankly, water doesn’t get enough ring time.

1 No Nonsense Way To Achieve World Class Muay Thai Skills

Footwork is key to any fighters success. Chris Romulo explains why great footwork is so crucial when training combat sports.
6 Steps to Great Footwork

6 Steps to Great Footwork

6 Steps to Great Footwork from Chris Romulo. Footwork can make all the difference in a fight, use these 6 steps to develop your footwork.

4 Super Foods to Increase Your Training Performance

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});Super foods get their name from being some of the most nutrient dense foods on the...

5 Steps To A Powerful Knee

Learn to Knee with Chris Romulo. These 5 steps will teach you how to deliver a strong knee that can put your opponent down for the count.
Right Team

Do You Have The Right Team Pushing You To Victory?

Even though Muay Thai fighting is one of the most solo endeavors that an individual can go through, it takes a team to get...
Crom's Corner

Cutting Weight Gone Wrong

A majority of you “ammy" fighters believe that learning how to “cut weight” is your secret weapon to winning fights. I challenge you to re-think that thought.
Push Kick

5 Key Steps To A Strong Push Kick

Learn the 5 key steps to throwing a strong Push Kick so you can control your opponents in the ring. Chris Romulo shows you with this easy breakdown.

Sharpen These 2 Punches For An Unstoppable Muay Thai Arsenal

The jab and cross are the two key punches you need in your arsenal. Chris Romulo breaks down how to use this two tool correctly.