Girl Uses Muay Thai to Knock Out Male Bully

Female fighters are very common in today's world. There was a time when that was not the case.As sports like MMA, Muay Thai and...

Ramon Dekkers: The Man, The Legend, The Diamond

Muay Thai legend Ramon Dekkers passed away at such an early age but he left a legacy that will outlive us all...At age 12, ...

WATCH: The Only Known Footage of Jean Claude Van Damme’s Real Fights

Martial arts action movie star Jean Claude Van Damme was actually quite a beast in his younger days...Hollywood is filled with action movie stars,...

WATCH: Armchair Warrior Knocked Out By Street Fighter

Professional athletes have to deal with advice from armchair warriors frequently.For anyone who is not familiar with the term, it refers to people who...

Unlicensed Muay Thai vs. Wing Chun Fight Turns Ugly Quick

If you love martial arts one of the best things to watch is style vs. style fights. Which style is the best is a...

Video Proof That Jesus Trained Muay Thai

Turns out our savior can throw hands...Every once in a while we see a video that is just pure gold. Whether it's a bus...

US Green Beret (Kung Fu) vs. Peruvian Special Forces (Karate) No Rules Fight

The age-old battle between rival martial arts may be outdated, but it does still make for some interesting clashes... It's not often we get to...

WATCH: Only Known Fight Footage of Infamous Prisoner Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson is one of the world's most infamous prisoners. He is known for his violent fits of rage and is considered extremely dangerous... Despite...

STORY: Mike Tyson vs. Wesley Snipes Street Fight Ended by Knockout

The most feared heavyweight boxer from back in the day once had serious beef with Wesley Snipes. Mike Tyson made his name in the mid-80's...

Watch: Wing Chun Master vs. Karate Black Belt Ends Brutally

One of the longest debates in Martial History pertains to which style is better. We might not ever know the answer to this, but from...
The Tanko Main Event

The Tanko Main Event Results

The Tanko Main Event took place on May 14th in Bolton, England and featured Fabio Pinca vs. Reece McAllister for the ISKA 67kg championship.
Glory 30 Results

Glory 30 Results

Glory 30 Results: Simon Marcus looked to make his first title defense since being crowned the middleweight champion, and his first test was Dustin Jacoby.
Enfusion Live #39 Results

Enfusion Live #39 Results

Enfusion Live #39 Results: The event went down in Slovakia this past weekend and featured a heavyweight tournament as well as a women's title bout.

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