Roy Jones Jr. Fights Fan

Roy Jones Jr. is a Boxing legend. Up until 2003, he was nearly unstoppable winning 49 of his first 50 fights.His only loss in...
Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury Fails Drug Test

Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury finds himself in hot water after being informed he has failed a VADA drug test for cocaine.
Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas

Boxing KO of the Week: Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas

Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas resulted in one of the biggest upsets in the history of boxing. It was an unbelievable thing to witness.

WATCH: The Most Gangster Boxing Match of The Year

For those who didn't know, Top Rank boxing put on a fight between Alex Saucedo and Lenny Zappavinga on ESPN. It turned out to be...

The Yao Ming of Boxing

They say size doesn't matter, but when you can pair size with skill it can be a difference maker.All sports have athletes that are...

Best Defensive Boxers

Defense in any sport is often overlooked, but in combat sports is is a necessity. In Boxing defensive fighters are often criticized, but they also...

The 5 Most Unique Fighters In Boxing History

This article originally appeared on Evolve Vacation. Boxing is such a dynamic sport. Despite the fact that only the fists can be used, boxing has so...

WATCH: The Movie Director Who Beats The S*** Out Of His Critics

There's quite a culture nowadays of negative people or 'trolls' on the internet. This German movie director invited online critics of his movies to...

WATCH: Dad Teaches Bully Son A Lesson By Making Him Fight A Pro Boxer

One of the biggest problems with bullies is that they don't have discipline. Most of the time the lack of discipline fall son the...

Katie Taylor Retains The Title So What’s Next?

31-year-old Katie Taylor, hailing from Bray in Ireland, managed to overcome the toughest test of her professional boxing career so far in her last...

5 Reasons Why Building Strength In Your Legs Is Vital In Boxing

This video originally appeared on Evolve MMA. A boxer’s base is the foundation of offense and defense. Having good, strong legs keeps you on your...

Gennady Golovkin Interested in Joining The UFC

Current WBC and WBA middleweight boxing champion Gennady Golovkin has a big fight ahead of him on September 15. During this past weekend, 'GGG'...

Boxing’s Slickest Signature Moves Of All Time

Some of Boxing's best fighters had iconic signature moves. On this list by Evolve MMA they take a look at some of the slickest signature...

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