Buakaw’s Best Fights

Buakaw vs. Yi Long 2If you like Muay Thai or Kickboxing there is one name that everyone is familiar with, Buakaw. It doesn’t matter if Buakaw if followed by Por. Pramuk or Banchamek because his first name is enough for everyone to know who is being talked about.

Buakaw is easily the most popular fighter in Muay Thai and Kickboxing. The Thai superstar has left his mark on both sports and is a fan favorite. His arrival during the K-1 Max days not only gave us some great fights but helped his popularity skyrocket.

As time, has passed Buakaw has become more of a commodity, you don’t often see him fight the best of the best anymore. It seems that now promoters are happy to feed him fighters he should beat easily so that fans can be entertained. When he has faced some decent competition or up and coming fighter he has still looked great.

We figured we would look at Buakaw’s top 10 fights. To come up with this list we looked at a little bit of everything like the importance of the fight, his performance, how dominant he was and we got a nice little mix of everything on this list.

Make sure to let us know which of Buakaw’s fights is your favorite.

We kick things off with number ten on our list below.

10. Buakaw vs. Kultar Gill
Buakaw vs. Kultar Gill was the reserve fight for the K-1 World 2008 Final. Buakaw was in the reserve fight because he had been eliminated from the tournament three months earlier when he was knocked out by Yoshihiro Sato. How was Buakaw going to look after returning from a knockout was the big question and it didn’t take long for it to be answered. He knocked out Gill in the first round in a dominating performance.

9. Buakaw vs. David Calvo
In 2013 Buakaw made his return to K-1 after nearly a four-year absence. He faced David Calvo at the K-1 World MAX 2013 World Championship Tournament Final 16 and didn’t waste any time letting all the K-1 fans know he was back. He picked apart Calvo in a little over two minutes and ended him with a massive body shot.

8. Buakaw vs. Steve Moxon
Buakaw faced Steve Moxon at Top King World Series 2 in France. It was his first fight back after the controversial K-1 Final in which he lost via forfeit to Enriko Kehl. Apparently, Buakaw was still pissed about how the K-1 final ended because he put a beating on Steve Moxon. It was a reminder of what Buakaw could do to a solid fighter.

7. Buakaw vs. Hiroki Shishido
The first time Buakaw and Hiroki Shishido fought at K-1 World MAX 2006 Champions’ Challenge fans witnessed a spectacular left hook knockout. The image of Buakaw standing over Shishido as he lay on the floor is one of the most popular of Buakaw’s career. What is even crazier is that the knockout only took 15 seconds and was the fastest of his career. It was complete domination by Buakaw.

6. Buakaw vs. Jordan Watson
Buakaw and Jordan Watson fought at MSA Muaythai Premier League 3 in London, England in 2010. It was Buakaw’s first fight since he had lost to Andy Souwer in the K-1 World Max 2009 semi-finals by split decision. It was also the start of a 4 1/2-year undefeated streak for Buakaw.

Watson was a hot prospect at the time and put on a great showing, but Buakaw was a tad better. This is a fight that we would love to see a rematch of.

5. Buakaw vs. Jomhod Kiatadisak
When Buakaw fought Jomhod Kiatadisak at WMC Explosion 3 in early 2006 he won his the WMC super welterweight title. This was also the last time he fought another Thai fighter. Jomhod was no longer in his prime, but none the less he was a tough Thai and Buakaw put him down in the second round with a body shot. Since this fight, Buakaw has not fought a fellow Thai, which is something that drives the Buakaw haters mad.

4. Buakaw vs. Satoshi Kobayashi
Buakaw fought Satoshi Kobayashi at Lumpinee Stadium in 2002 in the finals of the D4D Toyota Cup tournament. It was a 20-year-old Buakaw fighting at 140 lbs, and he was able to win a decision over Kobayashi. For fans of Buakaw now that have not seen his old fights, you should check this out. You can tell by watching this fight that this was a young and hungry Buakaw. Not much flash to his game at the time, just hard-nosed Muay Thai action.

3. Buakaw vs. Khunsuk Petchsupapan
Buakaw’s fight in mid-2002 against Khunsuk Petchsupapan was the first of three fights against him. Buakaw won all of them, but the first one was for the prestigious Omnoi Stadium lightweight title. This again is a fight that Buakaw fans should check out, completely different than what you see now from him.

2. Buakaw vs. Andy Souwer 2
Buakaw met Andy Souwer for the second time in the finals of the 2006 K-1 Max World Tournament. Buakaw had lost to Souwer in the finals of the 2005 tournament after two extra rounds in a controversial decision. This time around Buakaw did not leave anything to the judges as he scored a second round (T)KO over Souwer to win his second K-1 Max World Tournament. It was sweet revenge for Buakaw as he became the first fighter two win two K-1 Max Tournaments.

1. Buakaw vs. Masato
This was the arrival of Buakaw. He made it to the finals of the 2004 K-1 Max World Tournament and the only man keeping him from winning the tournament was Japanese superstar and previous K-1 Max tourney winner Masato. The kid from Thailand was in the biggest fight of his career and after an extra round, he had done it. He was the K-1 Max champ and the rest is history.

There is our list of Buakaw’s Top 10 Fights. Make sure to let us know your thoughts on the list and which of his fights are your favorites.


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