Buakaw vs. Giorgio Petrsoyan

Buakaw vs. Giorgio Petrosyan

One fight that would have fans buzzing would be a re-match between Buakaw and Giorgio Petrosyan.

When you think of Muay Thai the first name that comes to mind is most likely Buakaw. When you think of Kickboxing first name that most likely comes to mind is Giorgio Petrosyan. The pair originally fought nearly 10 years ago at K-1 Scandinavia GP 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since that fight Buakaw has gone on to become the king of Muay Thai. There is no other fighter that is more recognizable in the sport than he is. He gone beyond simply being a Muay Thai fighter and is a super star now. Movie roles, endorsement deals, and so on. If there is one name in Muay Thai that is known by everyone in Thailand and even outside of Thailand it is Buakaw.

Petrosyan cemented himself as the best active Kickboxer with his surgical precision. The man known as The Doctor has only lost twice in his career. Petrosyan had started off in Muay Thai but transitioned to Kickboxing. His success was unmeasured as he picked opponents apart with ease.

When you think of fights you would love to see a re-match between Buakaw and Petrosyan is normally right after Buakaw vs. Yodsanklai. The two are are at the top of their game and will go down as legends in Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

Watching these two fight is like watching two Chess Grand Masters compete against one another. Every move is calculated and a mistake can be crucial in the outcome.

(Click next to watch the fight between Buakaw and Giorgio Petrosyan)



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