WATCH: Brock Lesnar Continues To Shrink, Looks Even Smaller At Last Night’s WWE

Brock Lesnar, before those pesky USADA guys started making him take drug tests…

Brock Lesnar 2018 is far different from Brock Lesnar of years past. After re-entering the USADA testing pool, the WWE superstar is looking considerably skinnier these days…

When Brock Lesnar showed up in the aftermath of Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic, fans weren’t exactly shocked. After appearing in a number of photos with UFC president Dana White, Lesnar’s return was already being talked about before UFC 226.

When he jumped in the octagon and confronted the newly crowned heavyweight champion, the Brock Lesnar 2018 (ish) MMA return was official. All that is left now is for Lesnar to complete a few USADA tests, which should be easy, right?

Unfortunately, it is never that simple. Having already popped for banned substances following his UFC 200 win over Mark Hunt, fans were expecting a changed man in many ways.

One of those changes is Brock Lesnar’s vastly altered appearance.

Brock Lesnar looked a lot skinnier on the picture right, but his latest appearance shows even more weight loss…

Brock Lesnar 2018 Latest Video Below

We reported Brock Lesnar looking a lot smaller before, but now it’s just getting crazy. Following eight USADA tests in the space of one calendar month, it looks like Brock’s diet has drastically changed.

This is all alleged, of course, but has the Brock Lesnar 2018 version been the first clean version we have seen? Watch the latest video of the now-ex-WWE champion below, and not how damn skinny he looks:

Does Brock Stand a Chance Against Daniel Cormier?

Here we have an interesting situation. Now that he is looking a lot smaller, does Lesnar stand even less of a chance against Cormier? Albeit 40 years old, Daniel Cormier is a lifelong clean competitor and just KO’d the longest reigning heavyweight champion ever.

Yes, Lesnar is still a big guy, but those ridiculous muscles and explosiveness were his main threat in the past. Now he appears to have lost both of those, Cormier put out some trash talk on Twitter:

Daniel Cormier vs. Brock Lesnar

Although originally thought to be happening in 2018, Daniel Cormier said he would likely defend the light-heavyweight title before fighting Lesnar in 2019. During an interview with, DC discussed his upcoming clash with Lesnar:

“Brock’s a big, bad, tough boy,” Cormier said. “A former UFC champ. Obviously he’s the WWE champion. Just a massive guy with a lot of fighting ability. I’ve known Brock a long, long time and I’m excited to compete against him. And really, not to compete against him, I want to put it on him because when you beat a guy like Brock Lesnar – if I beat the most dominant heavyweight champ of all time and then couple that with a fight over Brock, they may call me one of the great heavyweights of all time.”

“It’ll be tough but it’s always tough,” Cormier said. “It’s well-documented how difficult it is for me every time I go to 205. This will be nothing new. The next time I have a light heavyweight fight, I’ll go down there, I’ll make the weight, and I’ll fight. . . I do want to keep this belt. I don’t want to have to give it up because the UFC doesn’t believe I can make the weight. I can make the weight.”


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