WATCH: Absolute Tank Of A Man DESTROYS Entire Team Of Bouncers

This massive man fights bouncers like they are kids…

It may have been a bad idea for most people to have got in this situation. For the man who is the subject of today’s article, he probably could have taken a few more bouncers out…

Don’t start what you can’t finish, something a lot of people can learn from. There’s nothing wrong with using self-control, restraint, respect, and humility, especially when you are a bouncer. In fact, it’s expected that you do.

When dealing with drunk and/or aggressive people, a calm demeanour is extremely important. Alcohol basically activates the primal part of people’s brains by depriving them of the inhibitions.

The result, as we have seen time and time again, is the reason why busy bars have bouncers. Drunk people talk crap, get agro and end up getting into punch-ups with just about anybody in sight.

But they aren’t all like this guy.

Big man fights bouncers image courtesy of Generation Iron

Big Man Fights Bouncers (Video Below)

This is quite the interesting scenario. During a brief but eventful video on Youtube channel Wardrumsfire, a large man appears to be confronted by a group of bouncers outside a nightclub.

Although most bouncers are trained and experienced enough to avoid trouble at all costs, these guys seem to be a little bit different. As they crowd the man, you can hear some trash talking going on.

Suddenly a bouncer headbutts the man, who promptly begins to wallop them all like they were children.

Watch on the youtube player below:

Dominated Them!

Obviously, the bouncer is not always in the wrong and quite often the result is the exact opposite. During one recent viral video, we saw an example of how the bouncer being can finish a confrontation very quickly.

The ‘frat boy’ in the following video doesn’t know that he has messed with a bouncer who trains in MMA.

Watch as the bouncer clean KO’s his drunk opponent with a single blow.

Bouncer 1-0 Frat Boy

Clearly it can go either way, but honestly, the frat boy stood no chance here. Also, what is the point in these fight? It would appear they are solely fueled by drunken rage, and there isn’t actually a need for violence.

On the other hand, they do make some fun watching!


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