The Best Muay Thai vs. Kyokushin Karate Black Belt Fight

Often when you see style vs. style fights they are very one sided, but this Muay Thai vs. Karate bout is actually a very good fight.

A lot of times Karate practitioners have a difficult time implementing their skill set into a real fight situation. In this video the Kyokushin Karate black belt has no trouble adapting his style for fighting. One of the biggest differences you see in him from other guys is that he is very agile.

The Muay Thai fighter is very methodical in is approach, simply looking to move forward and deliver kicks. He has some chopping kicks to the legs and body and when the Karate fighter attacks he is more than willing to take some damage and fire right back.

Both fighters clearly have a respect for one another, and that is really what Martial Arts is all about. This is what a dojo challenge is all about and the fact that neither fighter looks like a clown like we see in so many other videos makes it even better. Both represent their respective Martial Art well.

At one point it seems the Karate black belt gets poked in the eye, but after a few seconds the fight continues. It is then that the Muay Thai fighter connects with a head kick that seems to stun the Karate black belt. He immediately follows that up with a punch that drops him. Just like that it is over, but it was a great fight while it lasted.

I can’t stress how great it is to see a fight where both men represent their styles well. Look online, most of the time these types of fights are complete mismatches or one guy seems to be a total fraud. Great stuff in this display.

Check out the fight below and let us know what you think. Who do you think was winning before the finish happened? It was pretty close.


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