Bellator Kickboxing Predictions

Bellator KickboxingBellator Kickboxing kicks off this weekend with the promotion’s inaugural event in Torino, Italy.

The event will feature several big names including Melvin Manhoef, Denise Keilholtz, Kevin Ross, and Raymond Daniels. Here are our predictions for the Bellator Kickboxing. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Melvin Mahoef vs. Alexandru Negrea
Manhoef has always been the type of fighter that you can bank on to put on an exciting fight. He is going to knock his opponent out or get knocked out trying. His chin has been his downfall, and has been knocked out quite a few times. It is the consequence of such an aggressive style. Fans can expect to see Manhoef come out looking to take Negrea’s head off in this bout. Negrea will try to hang in the fight and might event stuff Manhoef, but in the end this will be a KO win for Marvelous Melvin.

Prediction: Melvin Manhoef wins by KO.

Karim Ghajji vs. Mustapha Haida
This fight is going to be a war. The first fight between Ghajji and Haida had these two beat each other up for five rounds in a close fight. This one is going to be close, but I think Haida will get the best of Ghajji this time around. Ghajji has seemed to get tired fast in his last few fights and if that pattern continues it will hurt him in the bout. Haida takes home a tightly contested decision.

Prediction: Mustapha Haida wins by decision.

Raymond Daniels vs. Francesco Moricca
If there is one thing Daniels loves to do is look great when all eyes are watching. He has delivered some of the best Knockouts in Kickboxing history, and things won’t be any different in this bout. Daniels will be looking to make a statement against Moricca. Everyone knows Daniels will throw some crazy strike, yet most seem to be unable to stop it and that will happen in this bout again. Expect something flashy from Daniels to end this one.

Prediction: Raymond Daniels wins by KO.

Denise Kielholtz vs. Veronica Vernocchi
Kielholtz is the all around package and a great addition by Bellator Kickboxing. One of her biggest assets his her movement. Very few female fighters can move like she does in the ring, and when mixed with her great boxing she is a nightmare for her opponents. Vernocchi is tought and will likely go the distance with Kielholtz, but this bout will be all Kielholtz.

Prediction: Denise Kielholtz wins by decision.

Kevin Ross vs. Matteo Taccini
Most know Kevin Ross as America’s poster boy for Muay Thai. He is now taking his skills to the Kickboxing world and fans should be excited because he doesn’t hold back. He has some great boxing skills and if you mix that up with his move forward style and not having to worry about elbows you are going to have a Kevin Ross that will resemble the Terminator. Taccini has a lot of experience in Europe, but unless he catches Ross with something that stops him he is going to be backing up throughout this fight. Ross is like the Energizer Bunny and never seems to slow down. He will push the pace and take this one home on the judges score cards.

Prediction: Kevin Ross wins by decision.

Nathan’s 2016 Prediction Record:
Best Event – Glory 27, 9-1
Worst Event- Lion Fight 27, 3-3
2016 Overall Record: 26-13


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